Last edition of B-Side Weekly: 08/27/16

RIP B-Side Weekly: 03/03/16 to 08/27/16

Thank you for all the readership that took the time to read my very first, self-penned column on Relentless Beats. I want to thank my fantastic editor, Dylan, for letting me express my heart a little bit more than usual on one of my introductory efforts to the world of journalism. Although the views were not huge, I am glad that some of you took the time to read my meta-jokes, obscure tracks, and everything you could find in your mother’s basement. Although it has been over a week since the date of my last publication, I thought it would be necessary to give it a proper burial.

Although it was not planned as the last article, check out the penultimate edition of B-Side Weekly which focuses on one of my favorite TV shows in television, BoJack Horseman.  Although I indeed kept it “lite,” there have been very few shows which have captured the true states of depression and failing mental health. This show holds a deep place in my heart, and I sincerely hope you enjoy my article as well.

Thanks for the ride, boys —




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