Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen was born in Bridgeport, CT, on December 16th, 1994. From a young age, he had always displayed a keen sense toward the field of writing and absorbing inforation. Growing up on the East coast/New England region, Logan moved to Arizona in July of 2009, when he started high school at Williams Field High, in Gilbert, Arizona.

After graduating high school in 2013, Logan attended Chandler-Gilbert Community College and Arizona State University, receiving his BA in European History in May of 2016, as well as a certificate in Political Thought and Leadership. In the field of journalism, Logan strives to make an impact by “giving the facts straight,” and also entertaining the readership with engaging language and on-the-dot source material. Logan enjoys incorporating what he learned as a History BA such as exposition, historical context, and sound argument to further the point of his topic, and also whatever the needs of the publication requires to satisfy.

Logan writes for:

Texas Sports Review – Intern/Long-Distance Correspondent – 11/15 – 03/16

Relentless Beats – Contributor – 02/16 – Present

thatDROP.com – Contributor – 08/16 – Present

Cannabis News Box – Contributor – 11/16 – 06/17

Anima Artist Management – In-House Editor – 03/17 – 02/18

YabYum Music + Arts – Freelance Writer – 03/18 – Present

Best Drum and Bass – Staff Columnist – 03/18 – Present