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Tkay Maidza Is Legitimizing the Sub-genre of “Witch House,” One Sick Lyric At A Time

Once again, another subgenre has been added to the list of innumerable production values and separations that have been sweeping the masses in the community. Tkay Maidza is a name you probably can hardly pronounce, and probably haven’t heard of — yet. Coming from Zimbabwean descent and straight from Australia, comes the world of witch-house and grime.

Although Witch House has very tight roots to the world of everything electronic, it has been widely overshadowed as a genre compared to modern incarnations of “trap” music as well as the upsurge in progressive house. Tkay Maidza is not only bringing the Purity Ring/Crystal Castles-eque vibe of Witch House, but also serving us some real rap with one of the most feminine and feathery voices.

Listen To Tkay Maidza‘s track with Martin Solveig, “Do It Right:”

Recently, Tkay not only has a new album that is going to drop on October 28th, 2016, but seriously attached herself to our radar when Martin Solveig, French production extraordinaire, produced “Do It Right“, a non-album single that displayed the more vocal side of Tkay. While Martin Solveig’s track might not expose the genre of Witch House too strongly compared to her own work, Tkay recently dropped an equally sick track with the rapper, Killer Mike “Carry On“.

Listen to Tkay Maidza’s “Carry On” featuring Killer Mike:

Carry on contains elements that possibly cross the vibe of having the feminine punch that our much-maligned friend, Iggy Azalea would throw down, but seems to have a mastery of her own style where she does not question her style. Maidza frequently incorporates a sing-song approach to her choruses while letting people know that although she may be flying with those soprano notes, her flow is not to be trifled with.

Compared to the Solveig track, “Carry On” displays a heavier knowledge of the joke-name-turned-sub-genre that Witch House has become today. Although media mavens like ourselves love to gush about subgenres like they are the end, Witch House very truthfully came from a side-joke between Travis Edgey with his act, Pictureplane, to describe his sound. Eventually, that name took a bigger turn and incorporated bigger acts to describe a gritty, dirty, gothic aesthetic to house, and has gained a small following, as well as media commentary displaying its disdain for the minute and small.

Although Witch House is still very small, and very foreign compared to most mavens who enjoy the realm of anything electronic, Tkay Maidza contains a flow as well as an attitude that pushes all of the vocalist spawn and soundalikes that the popularity of Ellie Goulding’s voice had created on the dancefloor. Take a listen to this Australian-Zimbabwe powerhouse, and take it from her: don’t fuck with Tkay Maidza.

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Originally published for on 10/28/16