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Joe Ghost Changes Directions with ‘Believe In You’ feat. Joee De Simone

Joe Ghost, one of our friendly neighbor Canadian DJs, recently debuted his newest ethereal single released on Dim Mak.  Known for his eclectic creation of genreless beats and riffs, “Believe In You,” featuring Joee De Simone on Thrive Records, is the new standard for artists who want to stay on the cutting edge of melodic electronic. “Believe In You” not only cements Joe’s effort in branching out but seems to be the beginning of an exciting trend within his catalog. While each culture has a distinct approach to electronic music, Joe Ghost flirts with both European and North American influences which only give the track a stronger foundation for both radio and the club.

 “I felt as though I’d put myself into a conceptual box that only had enough room for one genre. I’ve stepped out of that box and wanted to make the kind of music that I listen to,” said Joe Ghost. “I don’t think my followers will see this coming, which is the part that excites me most!

Joe Ghost certainly isn’t wrong when he references his wish to step out of his “conceptual box.” “Believe In You” is a dreamy departure from his former work, and highlights a comfortable bassline with flanging house synths. Containing progressive vibes, his new single frequently flirts with pop elements and plays off of the friendly sound of Joee De Simone’s vocals. Get their newest track here.

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Max Styler’s Remix of Prince Fox’s “Just Call” Feat. Bella Thorne Electrifies

After dropping “Secrets” with CXLOE, a futuristic single on Dim Mak back in September, Max Styler returns with his newest remix of Prince Fox’s recent track with Bella Thorne, “Just Call.” The track, which was also released on Dim Mak, connects melodic basslines and diverse synths which pay homage to Prince Fox’s original edition.

From a listener’s perspective, Styler’s remix takes the lyrics sung by Bella Thorne and highlights the angst of love, loss and all its forthcomings. Compared to “Secrets,” “Just Call” follows the trend of constant growth and genre-less definition within Styler’s creative spectrum.

Just Call” is a really cool track with a great vocal, so when I found out Prince Foxwanted me to remix the song I was really pumped!” said Max Styler on the track. “I had a great time working on this one and I’m super stoked with how it turned out.”

“Just Call” presents a “boys vs. girls” vocal style where both genders duet with reflecting lines of melodies. The drops Styler tweaked in the final version make the track both a chill-out experience, with the potential of being a 1:30 am club banger. For new and old fans of Max Styler, this new remix is bound to delight audiences who seek tracks with a little more substance than your average electro-ballad. Grab the track here and keep your eye out for more upcoming work from these three artists.

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Cuebrick Creates Memorable Tune ‘United’ with The Future Is Mine

Opening with soft vocals and effective production, the goosebump-inducing Cuebrickjust dropped his newest single with The Future Is Mine, titled “United.” This brand new single comes from the depths of utter electronic emotion in a world where music can take a steel, metallic, and lifeless tone. With soulful male vocals which riff above a steady marching beat, “United” encourages us all to overcome our differences in the name of the goals we seek to achieve in respect to humanity.

With house elements that predominantly skirt the edge of indie electro-pop, the raw emotion makes the instrumentals seem all too real when backed with the choir-esque vocals floating through the track. Trance fans and fans of more melodic works will definitely jump for joy when putting this track on for the first time. He has only 3 years under his belt but “United” is an addition to a fresh catalog with seeks to make a mark with insightful sounds. Check out Cuebrick & The Future Is Mine’s track, and stay tuned for more emotional pangs from Cuebrick himself.

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Ephwurd & JVST Say Yes Premiere Long-Awaited Multi-Genre Track, ‘Phunky Beats’

The holy crusader duo consisting of Datsik and Bais Haus, otherwise known as Ephwurd, make their returns to our speakers with their newfangled funkalicious, “Phunky Beats” single. Coming from the brains of two influential producers within the scene, Ephwurd (with a little help from JVST Say Yes) packed their newest single with sound-effects galore and some classically-styled vocal samples which take you back to the days of the 90s NY club scene. While the synths and backbeat may be swift, Phunky Beats incorporates older hip-hop sounds and some yummy 90s keyboard riffs which only make you wish a soulful voice could bring this throwback together.

This track may get nostalgic, but Ephwurd and JVST Say Yes are completely living in the present with their production choices. The rough-sounding synths reflect a modern approach to tech-house and dubstep reminiscent sounds that make this track a “greatest hits” of sorts. With lively vocal samples we mentioned above, this track was clearly made with an audience in mind. Get the new banger here.

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Corey James & Henko Drop Progressive Tune ‘Back In Time’ on SIZE Records

UK electronic powerhouse Corey James re-entered the airwaves with his anthemic new single featuring HENKO, “Back In Time.” Corey’s new track utilizes a very progressive sense of house music in its build-up and challenges the listener melodically with its powerful vocal structure. This strong notion of melody and house stylings made it the perfect addition to Steve Angello‘s SIZE Records label, and a solid addition to Corey James’ growing catalog.

While we get our fair share of breathy female and male vocals scattered throughout the house genre, HENKO delivers a distinct vocal style reminiscent of 80s acts Tears for Fearsand Rick Astley. The vocals truly act as a breath of fresh air in a genre where said vocal riffs can get monotonous, as he’s making his own mark on a track which already has the huge creative stamp called Corey James.

“Since I heard Corey’s music I heard hunger, talent and will. Once I got to know him I saw something that reminded me of myself when I was young,” said Steve Angello. “I’m extremely excited to see what the future holds and I’ll do anything to support him! Welcome to the family Let’s have some fun.”

With the combination of HENKO’s vibrato and Corey James’ attention to melodic greatness, “Back In Time” is no doubt going to garner attention in the coming weeks. Check out the new track here.

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Bonnie X Clyde release stirring tear-jerker “Torn”

Aside from being the BFFs we know and love within the music industry, Bonnie x Clyde’s love for music is clearly cemented within their emotional gravity found in their new track “Torn.” The slick vocals donated by Bonnie strip away any rough emotions you’ve acquired since listening to that trap banger and bring you down to a level of reality which helps you to appreciate the down-to-earth lyrics.

Emotion is an expression not always found in the world of electronic music compared to how emotionally bare “Torn” can seem. The track can sometimes be seen as light in production, but the “beef” of the track comes from the combination of effective lyrics and styles which combine progressive house and minor tech-house elements.

We all deal with the feeling of being torn in some way or another,” say Bonnie X Clyde of the inspiration behind the new track. “Torn is about expressing your true, raw feelings and coming to terms with them…and understanding it’s ok to need help and to not be ok all the time.”

The avant-garde aspects of the track highlight their penchant for creating new and powerful sounds through the contents of their heart. While they definitely want you to have a good time, don’t be surprised if you shed a few tears along the way. With “Torn,” Bonnie X Clyde are solidifying their fame with biting emotion and clever mixtures of production.

Feel free to grab “Torn” here, and read up on our latest interview with Bonnie X Clyde!

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Felix Cartal Releases Abstract Music Video for ‘Hold Tight’

After releasing “Hold Tight” as a pouncing single, the electronic powerhouse Felix Cartal is back with his latest music video, which shines a light on the inner emotion of the track. The music video features the original track paired with a video focused on proper aesthetic and lighting. With exciting abstract angles which focus on the humanity of its subjects, we are treated to a very industrial-looking city scene which highlights a dystopian depravity. The setting may give off dark elements, but all of the actors featured perform gentle movements and come together which highlight the emotional aspects of the song while respecting the video’s artistic concept.

The true magic in this video comes from the director’s decision to highlight a few of the models featured in the video by painting them in what seems to be gray paint. This gray paint allows the models to blend in with their setting and highlight the emotions found with togetherness in a very desolate structure. This video, when paired with “Hold Tight” captures the dramatic emotional vibrations the artist seeks to achieve with his instrumentals and fewer lyrics.

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Delta Heavy & Dirty Audio Join Forces on “Stay” Feat. HOLLY

The ever-melodic Delta Heavy and grittier Dirty Audio have joined forces to release their brand-new power-single, “Stay.” This new track possesses all the melodic chaos you would expect from Delta Heavy, as well as a heavy focus on percussion from the well-known Dirty Audio. With the combination of these two artists mashing their styles together, we are left with a daringly multi-genre laden track with no abandon. Check it out!

In a symphony of synth and meticulous percussion elements, both artists have managed to formulate the exact measurements to cook a recipe for creative liberty. While Drum + Bass can sometimes be our older brother who never lets us hang out with the cool kids, any genre tension is put down to rest as this trap / D+B union take us on a high-octane rollercoaster of a ride. With stellar Halsey-esque smoky vocals from HOLLY, this track will satisfy any listener who craves complex compositions.

Aside from this new wave composition released on Monstercat, Delta Heavy will be busy on the road bringing their brand new Paradise Lost show to London. Dirty Audio is already preoccupied with a string of Oceania dates, as well as an upcoming U.S. tour. Catch the new track here, and stay tuned for more intellectually musical material from these juggernauts.

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Notaker delivers expressive ‘Who I Am’ w/ Declan James & Karra

Notaker is breaking down the sometimes-superficial walls of electronic music with his newest track starring producer Declan James and vocalist Karra, “Who I Am.” While some DJs pump out tracks with random names which don’t always contain meaning, Notaker is always changing the game up by putting every inch of his soul into the production of a song.

“Who I Am” starts with an ambient, calm beginning showcasing the soft coos of Karra which slowly build up to fully-formed belts. With cinematic synths and a calmer vibe than before, it is obvious Notaker brought on Declan James to introduce more trance stylings than we are used to. Not to mention, Notaker is a trailblazer within the electronic community for clearly speaking out for the sake of acceptance and understanding in a track that is bound to garner some attention. By showing acceptance in the community, the scene as a whole can grow into a diverse powerhouse from its originally humble beginnings.

I’m very proud of this record. I feel that Declan, Karra, and I all put our best foot forward on this and it happened to turn into something really special,” said Notaker of the track.

“Who I Am” will be a precursor to Notaker’s upcoming 5-track E.P. arriving on Monstercat, October 24th. Entitled “Genesis,” the E.P. will more than likely continue this DJ’s trend with delivering meaningful electronic bangers and featuring interesting elements all around.

Catch the track and make sure to preorder Notaker’s upcoming “Genesis” E.P., so you can have it as soon as it drops!

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Buku Releases Free Download, “Control”

After dropping the trap-tinged powerhouse known as “Align,” Buku is back with something even more aurally challenging to any soft sound on the market. His newest track, “Control,” was recently released as a free download and contains more punch than that weird jungle juice at some dude’s party.

With a sinister bassline and sometimes-techno synths reverberating off of each other, Buku is proving he’s not just another wannabe on the market. The infatuated beats mesh with the hip-hop elements by the midpoint and counter the instrumentals with a deep bass-like vocalization. “Control” is a clear example of trap finding harmony within other genre influences. In a world where the trap sub-genre can sometimes be overpopulated, we need to rely on artists like Buku to get the job done right. Get the free download here.

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Felmax & PURGE Want to ‘Make Love to Your Eardrums

In the wonderful world of electronic music, you’re never pressed to find trap songs. But in 2017, what constitutes a good trap song? Well, maybe we should refer to the new track by Felmax and PURGE.

Felmax has been on the scene for a hot minute, perfecting his brand of trap. It mixes perfectly with hip-hop sounds and has an unordinary aggressive overtone which makes his new track with Purge even more delicious. Titled “Make Love,” this track is anything but soft and cuddly. The mix of production styles between the two artists arrives at a crescendo halfway through the track with rough beats mashing with a slim melody. This melody never lasts long, because this duo always comes back to the start with true trap music. We also can’t help but shout-out PURGE, the mysterious duo who also made mad beats on this collaboration and kept the haunting vibes real.

“Make Love” is a track that not only stays true to the genre that is trap, but makes cultural contributions that pay ode to where trap originally came from. There is no question Felmax and PURGE are producer-magicians who aren’t disappearing anytime soon.

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Deorro Launches New Single ‘Burn Out’ on Panda Funk

Bringing the listener in with a pounding club-ready set of percussion is starting to become producer Deorro‘s specialty. Recently, this Melbourne bounce originator stepped outside of the lines when creating his brand new track, “Burn Out.”

With a high-energy riff guiding the back-beats, this jam released through Panda Funk brings us back to our warehouse days of yonder. “Burn Out” is the perfect addition to an already-varied career in such a historically short time. This track is his first single since the debut of his first full-length album, Good Evening, and will likely be heard all along his upcoming Existence Bus tour and there’s no doubt it’ll be permeating clubs all around the scene.

Catch Deorro and many more recently announced artists at this year’s Decadence AZ! Get more info and purchase your tickets here.

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Checking Up on MONXX and His Latest Tracks

Aside from making his next appearance at BOO! Arizona on October 14th, MONXX has been demolishing the scene with his unique brand of dubstep. Straight from the U.K., this music maven has been crafting not only his own brand of dubstep, but an eclectic mix of Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Riddim, and Grime, while always delivering a signature dark and dirty feel to his tracks.

This time, we are going to be taking a look at some of his most recent tracks, titled “LASER TAG,” and “Jefe” (MONXX Remix).  A few weeks ago, “LASER TAG” was released as a free download for fans everywhere and took the scene by storm by countering softer genres with a warehouse-ready dubstep monster of a track. While “LASER TAG” does invoke slower tempos, it makes up the energy with filthy stylings and a perfect track you can enjoy as much on the couch as you can dancing your ass off to it.

“LASER TAG” follows every rule of the Dubstep genre, but branches out by increasing sounds best identified as dark and foreboding. As with every departure in genre, MONXX’s most recent track released a few days ago highlights his ability to cater to different audiences. In this remix of an original track by Boombox Cartel, Jefe manages to slide a little more to the mainstream by incorporating the original

In this remix of an original track, “Jefe,” by Boombox Cartel, MONXX manages to slide a little more to the mainstream by incorporating the original melody, but putting his brand of dirt, grime, party, and completely controlled chaos in a world where soft synths run supreme.

MONXX is bound to make a splash at BOO! Arizona with his intense stylings, and there’s no question that you might have to modify your house-loving ears a little bit to get the full effect of his tunes. While we all like a good, simple club banger, MONXX takes the word “banger” to the next level by incorporating carefully-placed beats and mixing the original melody with something mysterious and surprising.

Check out both of these tracks, and make sure to catch MONXX at the 2017 edition of BOO! Arizona. Get tickets here.

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Felix Cartal debuts inspirational single, “Hold Tight”

Felix Cartal has been demolishing the masses on Spotify with over 45 million streams on his channel and 4 million more on his track “Killing Time” with R3hab. In his latest release, the dance-friendly and melodic force-to-be-reckoned-with known as Felix Cartal is bringing us all back to the true roots of dance music. With “Hold Tight,” Cartal promises his listeners an audio-escape to simpler times when dance music decided to unite people of many creeds under the one banner which demanded us to party our butts off. With its wistful melody backed by euphoric vibes, “Hold Tight” is a testament that uplifts the listener from any negative funk they may be feeling. Cartal has been renowned for communicating intense emotional value through instrumentation, and “Hold Tight” is no exception to his deep instrumental mantras.

I liked the Hold Tight phrase, which I sampled from “Get What You Give”, as a theme,” says Felix, “I think embraces are very powerful, and the mood of the song has this sort of unresolved feeling – like we are all searching for a moment of togetherness.”

In a world of massive bangers and club-ready tracks, Felix Cartal’s brand of house may not be “hard” in the same sense as other artists who are looking for the next over-the-top smash but instead uses its strengths through understated details that make us want to dance with tears in our eyes. Lana Del Rey should be hitting up Felix for her next album since it turns out emotional club music isn’t as much of an oxymoron as we once thought.

Grab a copy of “Hold Tight” here.

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Luca Testa Gets Down with Tech-House on “Go Down”

Luca Testa might have been making most of his splashes across the pond, but this time he is bringing his own tech house title wave to American clubs. From the beginning of the track, “Go Down” goes down in Luca Testa’s books as a tech house adventure, and a substantial outlier compared to his more progressive tracks. With dark stylings that offset the frenetic foundational beat, this new banger was designed to be a stadium-rager from the start. Check it out below:

This new track, which happens to be on the Panda Funk record label including avant-garde artists like Michael Sparks, FESTIVILLAINZ, and A Boy & A Girl, makes Testa the perfect fit for a record label which celebrates music diversity.

While you may be able to catch this monster track at one of his live sets, the recently released tech house track can be streamed and purchased here. Keep a lookout for more high-quality work from a master at his craft.

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Dirty Audio & Carbin Drop Hard-Hitting and Dark “Mob” with iE-z

Last time we checked on Dirty Audio, he was trappin’ the scene with a bombastic remix of GRiZ’s “Wicked,” featuring Eric Krasno. This time, the party-starter is back with his newest in-your-face tune, “Mob.” The song not only features up and coming bass producer, Carbin, but also contains some mad bars from rapper iE-z.

Similar to his past work, Dirty Audio doesn’t hold back any punches in this new track. With the combination of iE-z’s slick licks mixed with metallic basslines worked over rhythmic vocal verses, this track will get your booty moving in no time. Dirty Audio’s handling of the production also gives what normally could be seen as any club banger, a real chance to shine. While he does use blaring sirens and hip-hop elements to increase the party-level, iE-z’s blunt vocal delivery and Carbin’s darker dubstep-influenced contributions present the track like a delicious dessert just waiting for your consumption. “Mob” is an interesting addition to Dirty Audio’s catalog as he tackles sounds not normally present in his past work. Did we mention this single is available for free download? Get your free copy of “Mob” today!

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Max Styler Molds Futuristic Pop-riffs with CXLOE on “Secrets

When Max Styler was signed to the famed Dim Mak records three years ago, he became one of the youngest folks on the label to produce consistent bangers up to today. This time, Styler is back with Aussie songstress CXLOE to throw down their new single, “Secrets.” With a stripped down production matched with an effective bassline, Max Styler separates this single from his past material by implementing futuristic instrumentals. Check it out!

It contains small elements of techno and house, but manages to stay pop radio ready. He makes this track intelligent, yet infectious and has the ability to match CXLOE’s voice in a clean pop-riff.

CXLOE and I worked on ‘Secrets’ earlier in the year when she came over from Australia to do some writing sessions,” said Max Styler. “We instantly freaked out over the track once it was done and couldn’t wait to get it out.”

Max Styler has been known to throw around a plethora of diverse sounds that escape genre, with his debut LP Heartache placing Styler in the pantheon of electronic artists who have no problem transferring their musings into great vibes and music. “Secrets” is another indescribable and sultry hit that is bound to make a splash on the charts with the traction he has gained in the past.

Grab a copy of “Secrets” today and keep your eyes peeled for more eclectic material from the protege himself.

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Marcus Santoro Drops Trance-Banger ‘Nova Scotia’

Progressive trance and Aussie native Marcus Santoro is back on the scene with his peculiarly named track, “Novia Scotia.” Santoro’s new track captures his very specific brand of dreamy trance and brings the dance floor back to a world where it all started. Although some local dancefloors have relegated to playing more trap music, Marcus Santoro’s euphoric “Nova Scotia” hits all the right notes with trance fans and newcomers alike who find his music extremely accessible.

Coming from Marcus, we are all very aware of his multi-genre brand that always sprinkles a good amount of house into the mix when putting together a track. While the track does contain ethereal piano riffs and calm moments, “Nova Scotia” is a punch of a track which culminates into some bombastic moments by the two-minute mark.

“I’m so excited to be back on Enhanced with my latest number ‘Nova Scotia,” said Marcus Santoro. “This record was simply inspired from when I was looking at landscapes on the internet and I stumbled across the Canadian province, ‘Nova Scotia’. I thought it was amazing; the view stuck with me the entire time when writing the song.”

“Nova Scotia” is the perfect addition to Santoro’s catalog and any modern trance fan who is looking for a breath of fresh air. You can download and stream the single here.

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Howwler Drops Jarringly Danceable and Dark EP

Just in time for Halloween, another enigma of an artist is presenting itself in what could be called an EP of sinister production: Chapter One.

Howwler has been making waves for his unusually frightening brand of what could only be called club-ready house-gore. With violent flangs that hit your ear like a hurricane, Chapter One. is the first two track EP from an artist who, at the moment, is unclassified by genre.

The first track, “Midnight,” firmly grasps the listener and surrounds them with a dark energy. Only for the more adventurous of our friends group, Howwler’s first track caters to the sinister production styles that are normally associated with techno and offbeat sub-genres. Surprisingly enough, the DJ himself has no issue combining house elements and “breaking the rules” along the way.

The rules keep getting broken with Howwler’s second track, “Signs & Wonders,” as the budding maven on the turn-tables both frightens and cements our senses with darker elements of the house genre that make the listener beg for something new, existential and chaotic to the scene. As soon as you tune into Howwler’s track, you realize the change necessary might be to tap into those mysterious and jarring noises that challenge our senses and guide them into the abyss.

Chapter One. could be seen as a two-track tornado which can make the listener dance for joy and embrace the dark vibes simultaneously. With an artist like Howwler, one truly doesn’t know what could come next. You can buy and stream the EP here.

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Dr. Shiver Debuts Nostalgic Earworm, “Something”

Coming on the heels of Protocol Recordings with fresh blood on his horizon, Dr. Shiverrecently made his debut on the imprint with complex melodies and a knowledge of true funk.

Although he may hold the titles of DJ, label manager, sound engineer, artist, and producer, Bruno Carlo Oggioni AKA Dr. Shiver didn’t originally start in the wonderful world of electronic music. Beginning his career in the classical scene, Shiver played piano with greats like BB KingPharrell Williams and Little Louie Vega until 2015 when he released his first remix of “You Got the Love,” a 1986 dance hit from Candi Staton & Doc M.C. which he managed to transform from the ground up.

Dr. Shiver – Candi Staton ft. Doc M.C. – You Got the Love (Official Remix)

While you may love the pulsing synths of his first remix, his new track, “Something,” offers a little bit of magic for the part of us that loves the pairing of synth and piano riffs. With Kazi on vocals giving the fast-paced instrumentals a run for their money, the catchy funk-reminiscent guitar riff creates a contemporary Nu-Disco-meets-house that catches the eye of even the strictest purist.

Dr. Shiver ft. Kazi – Something

This track really represents every one of my artistic sides,” says Dr. Shiver. “As a pianist and hammond player my origins are based in the blues, funky, soul and black music and in this tune you can really feel my musical background in every note, melody and chord progression.”

Check out his Protocol debut, “Something,” for some nostalgic vibes and some chill times. With support from our good friends like Nicky RomeroBenny BennassiTiestoDavid Guetta and Don Diablo, Dr. Shiver is definitely on to something and coming into his own style. If you happen to be state-side, keep a good internet-eye out for Dr. Shiver during the Protocol Showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event on October 18th for something truly permeating.

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Madison Mars Drops Dirty Club-tastic track, “Atom”

Spotify mystery sensation, Madison Mars, just released a banging track on Spinnin’ Records. Under the title “Atom,” fans of Martin Garrix might eerily recognize the track from his live sets at Ultra Europe and Tomorrowland. Mars’ new track packages a larger-than-life round of synths with a club-heavy influence which brings the heavier side to more progressive sounds. Did we mention his new track is a 100 percent free download?

Madison Mars – Atom

Atom is definitely a meatier track compared to other club-orientated tracks and brings the beef by mixing house elements with just enough “dirty” attached to the packaging. Like his formerly concealed persona, fans have come to expect the unexpected in the world of Madison Mars.

Mars first broke out with his first release, “Milky Way,” which received 17 million plays in just over a year. Before revealing his identity at a performance with Don Diablo at the 2016 Amsterdam Dance Event, fans and industry members began to wonder who this Spotify-maven who released tracks which challenged the ears of listeners.

Aside from receiving a shout-out from Hardwell who called “Atom” one of the best tracks of 2017 so far, Madison Mars will be releasing an E.P. sometime in the future, along with even more new material to lose your mind to. Grab a free download of “Atom,” and stay tuned for more Madison Mars in the coming months.

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Paris & Simo Release ‘Come As You Are’ with Karen Harding

The dynamic duo, Paris & Simo, are at it again with a new smash single featuring the powerful vocals of Karen Harding. After winning Tiesto’s “Work Hard Play Hard” remix contest in 2011, both gentlemen have been on the up-and-up as a new staple act within the international electronic community.

Compared to tracks like “Nova,” their new track, “Come As You Are” finds much of its power through its vocals and traditional percussion lines. Old-school fans will enjoy the attention to pay tribute to older sounds while introducing powerful vocal melodies layered above it.

Aside from receiving support from Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix, and NERVO, Paris & Simo are quickly changing the house scene as we know it by never repeating the same style twice. While they do follow a certain genre of standards, they are constantly breaking the rules both live and in the studio.

We firmly believe that everyone should have freedom of expression without being judged to share their ideas,” say Paris & Simo of the collaboration. “This is a feel good track which exudes those positive vibes.”

“Come As You Are” is the duo’s first release on boutique record label, Physical Presents, and is an exciting launch point for a slew of new dance tracks we can expect in the future. Check out this new boisterous track, and prepare to get lost in the production stylings of Paris & Simo, and the in-your-face vocals of Karen Harding.

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Sunstars Release ‘Ghetto Funk’ on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Imprint

DJ-Producer Italian trio Sunstars recently released their brand spankin’ new funkalicious track, “Ghetto Funk.” Released on Nicky Romero’s Protocol” record label imprint, the infectious bassline is bound to mold the dancefloor as we known it. Ghetto Funk separates itself from its contemporaries by continuing the tradition of including funk elements in their catalog. Funk has a storied history, and there is no doubt that Sunstars wishes to keep the genre alive through electronic beats and sick stylings.

“Ghetto Funk” acts as the first ever single released on Nicky Romero’s imprint, and follows their track, “Flames,” found on the Protocol’s ADE Compilation. Nicky Romero apparently has big plans for Sunstars, since this gives the opportunity for the trio to expand their funky brand and shake up the trap and progressive house phase we seem to be going through even more.

Sunstars – Ghetto Funk (Official Audio) 

“Ghetto Funk” by Sunstars can be found on Beatport, and will definitely help you transition from the hot thumping beats of summer to something more cooler, groovy, and equally energetic for the upcoming seasons.

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Dirty Audio Trappin’ The Scene Again With Remix Of GRiZ’s ‘Wicked’

Dirty Audio has made a name for himself with the hard trap elements he’s included in some of the dopest tracks he’s released. Not only are his originals like “Gorilla Glue” or “Clipped” pinnacles of the rapidly expanding trap genre, but they hold their own in the mighty world of heavy bass as well.

Two weeks after “Firewalker,” a self-promoted track was released, Dirty Audio released his remix of GRiZ’s “Wicked,” featuring Eric Krasno, crafted special for All Good Records.

Dirty Audio’s remix of GRiZ’s melodic banger of a track mixes electro-synths and rough, technological baselines weaving in and out of the original track’s Jazz influences. The cheeky vocals delivered by Eric Krasno compliment Dirty Audio’s style of musical innovation through a sense of controlled chaos. Even with the complexity of the remix, he still manages to retain the integrity of the original track.

2017 has been a monumental year for the trap maven having remixed a track for DJ Snake and Yellow Claw which ended up on Interscope records. He went on tour earlier this year, stopping in Australia and New Zealand and recently debuted his set in Asia at WOMB Tokyo. Keep an ear out for more news from the Dirty Audio camp as the man himself prepares for an exciting future.

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Notaker Drops remix of Gareth Emery’s “Saving Light”

The progressive house paradigm, Notaker is back at it again; and this time, he crafted a seriously sick remix for Monstercat. After being featured on Deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint with this track “Abyss,” Notaker is back with a cinematic remix of Gareth Emery’s “Saving Light.”

We’re certainly not unfamiliar with Gareth Emery but Notaker introduces us to a completely new take on this track featuring a drop sprinkled with multi-genre influences, from techno to dubstep. Although they may be scattered, Notaker molds Emery’s track into a five minute-forty-six second symphony which goes by faster in time than it should. Notaker manages to wipe the competition clean by breaking the rules with his drops and stylings. Original vocals from Haliene round out the harsher elements of the track with a soft whisper approach.

“I am very honored to get to remix this one for Gareth,” said Notaker. “Hearing the anti-bullying message associated with the record really struck a cord with me, being that I was bullied a lot through middle school and high school. Having that experience really made it easy for me to put a lot of emotion and feeling behind this record.”

Catch Gareth Emery alongside Slander,  Showtek, Flosstradamus and more at Global Dance Fest AZ on September 23rd. Grab tickets here.

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Will K Drops Tribal House Explosion ‘Guamo’

Will K just dropped his new track for the Arkade record label imprint. “Guamo” enters the scene on the heels of major change, as the umbrella-genre of house molds itself to a more global audience. Although we have a slew of American artists who hit the big time with the surge of EDM, artists like Will K are using tracks like “Guamo” to include global sounds, tribal-style percussion, and an appreciation for the unconventional.

“Guamo” was released specifically for the Arkade record label imprint, founded in 2015 by Kaskade. Names released on the label include John DahlbäckDigital Lab & Henrix and Late Night Alumni. The DJ/Producer himself has been making splashes inside the community with his careful attention to melodic detail.

Will K’s newest track comes on the heels of his last release, “Cafe Leche,” which cracked 548k Spotify streams and earned mentions from Hardwell, Steve Angello, and Laidback Luke.

Will K’s style is renowned for its unexpected melodical twists, a true novelty in a genre which can be formulaic. With its eclectic sounds, “Guamo” is not only a fine addition to Will K’s varied work, but will definitely convert some fans with its austere production. Check out this house-head’s brand new track and join the party!

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Buku Drops Brand-New Free Download, ‘Align’

Armed with an arsenal of trap-esque aural bulldozers and progressive synth elements, Buku is continuing his pathway of trap-takeover with his new track fresh off the boards, “Align.”

This Pittsburgh native has already been taking the trap world by storm with his practiced approach of combining the Southern production with an east-coast sensibility which smacks you straight in the face. Buku has already collaborated with powerhouses such as BassnectarPete TongPaper Diamond, and G Jones, and is known for his remixes of tracks by MinnesotaGRiZNick CatchdubsBrillz and Tropkillaz.

Although we have referred to quite a few artists who have that “punch” quality, Buku brings the fire in his newest track by mixing a sleek understanding of balance and power. Buku gained breakout success when his fan-favorite “Front to Back”  landed #3 on Spotify’s “Global Viral 50” playlist and now he’s back with another hit.

“Align” is a track that takes the listener on a journey through a build-up of party elements, but cools down with rough progressive house synths which blow the competition out of the water. There is no secret that trap has garnered its fair share of criticism from more mainstream circles which decry the overt masculinity of sound, but Buku doesn’t pretend to have invented the genre: “Align” is a reflection of the progress the sub-genre has made and displays his dedication from improving areas in the genre which required attention.

Buku seeks to change the game by making trap a viable genre in itself. While there may be many imitators trying to capture that iconic sound of complex melody mixed with unadulterated energy, we can clearly see Buku has already crossed the finish line.

Check out the free download of the track and stay tuned for more traptastic masterpieces from Buku!

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Drinker Drops New Single ‘Fake It’

Every so often in the electronic community, we have artists coming together as power duos, bringing their sounds to the next level, and multiplying their production values to gargantuan proportion. Drinker may be fresh on the scene, but Aaron Mendelsohn and Ariel Loh are already changing up this notion by incorporating a minimalist soundscape of sound.

Ariel had just finished scoring the Sundance-premiered horror flick, The Eyes of My Mother, which had an analog simplistic set of stylings that inspired the duo to collaborate on tracks Aaron believed would be the perfect combination. Minimal arrangements are the name while tapping unexplored musical avenues are the game. Both minimalist mavens have been hard at work, collaborating on their upcoming Happy AccidentEP coming out on August 11th on Dollar Slice Records.

Their debut single, “Which Way Is South” garnered quite a few promotional spots on popular music blogs, the duo is pulling another weapon out of their arsenal with the recent release of their second single on the floor, “Fake It.”

Like their introduction into the scene, “Fake It” introduces the listener to the smooth cooed vocals of Aaron, while matching the lyrics with meticulous production stylings from Ariel that rival simplicity. While their tracks can be considered minimalist, there is no question that Drinker looks to explore a plethora of sounds many artists haven’t yet accessed on the surface. Ariel and Aaron are setting a standard for any artist who wishes to combine electronic sensibility with cinematic ambient sounds and a strong grasp on musical prowess.

“Fake It” is not a track crafted by a beginner bedroom DJ, and it certainly doesn’t fit into the average standards of the much-maligned term EDM. Both individuals managed to craft a track that is both mindful of music composition and melody but satisfies the ears of seasoned listeners that get bogged down by simplicity.

This is just the beginning of Drinker’s journey. Check out “Fake It,” and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the eclectic duo that doesn’t need any bells or whistles to make a statement.

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Will K & Sebjak Release Electric and Eclectic Banger, “Kumasi”

Last time Relentless Beats caught up with Will K, the man himself, as well as Corey James,joined forces on what became a monumental track back in September. While Will K’s style always reflects a darker background than his Progressive House contemporaries, Sebjak comes out of the metaphorical dark and manages to bring even deeper bass hits than a normal house track could afford, while also contributing global sounds that wouldn’t be found in your average American club. All of these descriptors come together and make the track in what Will K & Sebjak would call, “Kumasi.”

Unlike their tracks in the past, “Kumasi” is a powerhouse of a collaboration that extends well-past the viability of the house genre. While we have seen and abundance of house music since its inception into the mainstream, “Kumasi” combines brass instrument sounds and Gloria Estefan-esque backbeats that bring the latin flavor, yet still retaining those infectious riffs that both artists are known for. “Kumasi” breathes new life into a genre that is becoming incredibly saturated. Listening to “Kumasi” will take you back to that first time in the club post 21. The chord progressions may involve a couple rises that may strike you familiar, but don’t misunderstand because Will K and Sebjak are bringing no gimmicks; “Kumasi” is a global hit filled with only love and affection for a genre that needs just as much innovation as it needs familiarity for its listeners.

Will K has always treated us to more dark and broody sounds than one might be used to within the house music genre, but Sebjak is the antidote to Will K’s standalone image: Sebjak provides the audience with a much-needed kick-in-the-face with global instruments and influences we haven’t seen since the early days of jungle boogie. Will K and Sebjak bring an intensity to “Kumasi” that only comes once in a few years, an intensity not only to party but to satisfy that creative mind inside of us constantly begging for more.

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Mr. Carmack Drops Remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA”

Mr. Carmack is no stranger to the industry, and last time we checked up on him, he managed to create an entirely new Soundcloud for a slew of unreleased tracks that had not seen the light of day up to that point. His faithful following and dedication to harder sounds and remixes have cemented him among hardcore fans in the electronic community that appreciate his eye to detail and his respect for the old-school.

As we all know, Kendrick Lamar’s brand-spanking-new album, DAMN., has been on repeat and has landed a special place in our daily playlists for about two weeks now. It’s also wise to note, that aside from facing critical acclaim, Kendrick’s re-entrance into the industry has been met with nothing short of acclaim. What can make this effort even better? Well, Mr. Carmack of course!


Just a week ago, Aaron Carmack/Mr. Carmack dropped a trap-heavy remix that manages to retain the importance of Kendrick’s lyrics, but transforms it with R&B sounds mixed into the bridge that aren’t present in the original track. Mr. Carmack manages to transform “DNA,” into something that translates Kendrick’s frustrations to a dancefloor environment without sacrificing the integrity of the original. Although sometimes jarring, Mr. Carmack’s remix of “DNA” reflects a respect for old-school electronica, while combining two other genres to make the track more well-rounded.

“DNA” could be seen as a banger for this summer, and even more so with this remix, a banger at any house-party that needs a little life breathed into it. Through his appreciation for dark and aggressive sounds, Mr. Carmack’s “DNA” remix plays like a horror movie, with twists and turns that will get you pining for more. If you are looking for a response to one of the best rap albums of 2017, Mr. Carmack has your answer.

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Yoke Lore Releases Folk-Electro-Pop Single, “Only You”

Don’t you feel dirty when you hear the word “electro-pop?” I’m sure the last time you heard the generalization thrown around, your mind was brought back to that fateful day when at some random local festival, ‘Becky with The Good’ Hair rattled your ear off about some poor-man’s Chainsmokers performing a half-hearted cookie-cutter set with some vocalist-crossbreed of Ellie GouldingHalsey, and Lights. While each of these artists mentioned have their respective abilities and crowd-drawing devices, the word “electro-pop” has garnered such judgement from purists, that it limits us from enjoying some of the more indie-tinged, acoustic pop that has merged forces with the synthesizer.



In the spirit of defending the misunderstood generalization in a world where many purists feel offed by the notion of accepting anything that could possess the dreaded elements of “pop,” Yoke Lore is coming out of the dark to combine folk-acoustic sensibilities with dark trance-like tones. “Only You,” his newest track combines riffs that are reminiscent of classic Skrillex, as well as contemporary progressive house elements. Who said something catchy had to be a bad thing? The vocals that Adrian Galvin lays down himself are akin to a vocally mature Adam Young, and represents a certain musical maturity that many have not reached.



On the remix side, Giligan Moss proved that good indie, electro-pop can be remixed into a dank house track. Moss’s remix of Yoke Lore/Adrian Galvin’s Hold Me Down switches up the vocal production to hark back to the days of longer vocal riffs featured under house beats, yet gives it a modern spin with the vocals of what potentially could be classified as folk-pop. The remix highlights Yoke Lore’s viability in a market that is continually being lambasted with any sound that can be made on a synthesizer.

Yoke Lore’s release of “Only You” clearly sets him apart from those who are crafting incredibly simple melodies to please the masses. At this point, it seems almost reductive to mention that he is the blood brother of Noah Galvin, the lead star of the ABC trail-blazer sitcom, The Real O’Neals. Yoke Lore’s music speaks louder than most, and unlikeJermaine Jackson’s rather bizarre music career compared to Michael’s, Adrian’s own prowess in music can stand firmly on its own.

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Sources: The New Potato, SoDoWeThe Line Of Best Fit

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The Knocks Drop Exclusive “Japanese-Only” Bonus Track On Soundcloud

The Knocks are no strangers to working with the big guns — from their fiery releases on KitsunéBig Beat Records, as well as the prolific Atlantic Records, they have been busy at work trying to produce only the slickest beats for the EDM mainstream. Although their tunes have been popular in and outside of their live performances as well as studio efforts, The Knocks have combined their efforts into making a pleasant progressive house experience paired with some “Nu-Disco” elements that have been devoid since our brief tango with the most recent work of Daft Punk. As seasoned as they seem, the track-release-river of their work has been consistently flowing since 2010, but recently delivered a fatal blow to the world of music with their late-debut banger, 55. Aside from their most recent EP effort, Testify, “Flow”, Featuring sleek vocals from Adeline Michèle, displays a more mellow approach to the material found on their debut album.

Not only is this exciting because we are getting our hands on the ever-elusive Japanese bonus track many fans pine after, but “Flow” also shows a more laid-back approach to the last Japanese bonus track also stemming from 55 that we heard months ago. While “Flow” and the album itself may represent growth from a genre that found its death in the 1970s, it’s about time for a good ole Nu-Disco-tinged group that makes you want to do the shuffle as much as you want it played at a warehouse setting.

Taking a look at “Endisco”, another track from the same origins provides a slightly more house-approach that shows relevance to the 2016 debut album. The Knocks have shown their gleam to staying hard at work behind the boards, for all of these releases on their Soundcloud have been considerably close together compared to other artists. “Endisco” also shows more reminiscent sounds compared to the 1970s banger, Disco Inferno by The Trammps. As a through-and-through New York-bred duo, Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson bring their elements with an aggressive, yet chilled-out vibe that makes you want to relax on the couch with your favorite tunes as much as it has the ability to break out into semi-choreographed sequences on the dancefloor. The Knocks are providing us with something we haven’t experienced since the mainstream debut of House and the world of EDM–musical diversity that borrows itself from traditional genres. As much as subgenres can get lost in the cult-canon of what we now know as ‘EDM,’ “Flow,” even as a bonus track, is a special treat for recent and wayward fans of The Knocks alike.

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Phoenix Lights Artist Spotlight: Low Steppa

The internet is rather fickle these days, isn’t it? With artists like Low Steppa on the scene who have almost entirely amassed their following from a strong online presence, 2017 could never be more relevant to their rise with the powerful tool known as Soundcloud. While everyone is scrambling for the top, or at least a place in a random listener’s heart through the power of a few likes, Low Steppa needs no further introduction since his spread in 2013.

This week, Relentless Beats is putting a spotlight on the slick club-like stylings of Birmingham’s own Low Steppa, who mixes his very own roots with only the best of what you can call “stadium” house. For this British House maven, his splashes across the pond have had heavier significance until recently. Combining traditional house values with jungle beats, nothing is more representative to his sound than his drawn out megamixes, that fully encapture his style through long-form house (a dying art in the short attention-span of 2017).

What Low Steppa has to offer, just like in one of his older and most memorable mixes above, is the art of making a cohesive and club-ready megamix that almost comes completely from his own finger-tips. While you may not expect the Trap-like stylings of today, Low Steppa has just enough British influence in his music to grasp an American newcomer to heavy house without offending the core populace that has brought on this EDM renaissance. Low Steppa’s presence in the community only strengthens the core ideals of house: using synth to not only get people on the dance-floor, but to also give different vibes to those who wish to beat to a different drum.

Fast forwarding to the most recent part of his career, Take It Up is gaining popularity on his own Soundcoud account, which follows his conventions of house, yet definitely has a bit more of those jungle beats we mentioned that bring that classic house beat into modern times. Keep an eye on Low Steppa, because our friend from across the pond will definitely be making a splash soon through a club speaker through you, and we at Relentless Beats can let you know Low Steppa’s stamina is not going anywhere.

Catch Low Steppa on the RB Deep Stage this year at Phoenix Lights!

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Christmas Has Arrived Early: Deadmau5’s W:/2016ALBUM/ Has Hit The Mainframe

We at RB are no fools in admitting that 2016 has been one hell of a year on all accounts — including music. Aside from the mad world that keeps spinning around us, some of the most prolific, emotional, and masterful works have been released in this time of uncertainty. Today is definitely a treat, for there is no uncertainty to be found in the world of dance —Deadmau5 dropped his new album today,.

First under our magic Christmas/Non-Denominational Pine Tree of gifts, Deadmau5 had recently released a very technical-sounding album that actually brings his sounds back to the likes of one of his early singles, “Not Exactly.” With a strange production mix likening itself to 2009 Daft Punk mixed with some original techno jams, the aggravatingly-spelled W:/2016ALBUM/ is just as funkatronic, just as much as it displays its 8-bit influences that make you realize why he named the album after a file destination as if it came straight from his desktop.

What makes this album digestible for the awkward holiday family season, trademarks the album by providing slower and funkier sounds than we have experienced in the past. There are definitely banger moments, but what makes this a surprise from the Deadmau5 heyday of 2009 is that he’s not only accessing sounds that put him in the mainstream, but is looking for a more restrained approach. With the beginning of the album approaching a more muted standpoint, track five (“Glish”) is when the album truly comes to a crescendo and picks up the pace. For the December 2nd, 2016 release of Deadmau5’s newest 2016 effort, W:/2016ALBUM/ is straight-up gritty, low-key, and understated. In exchange for those traits, he has given us an album that truly shows that he is attentive to his own sound, and he’s ready to take the scene back. Check out the album mini-mix below to get a sample before you pick up the album:

Deadmau5 – W:/2016ALBUM/ Minimix

While with the last Christmas gift we opened today on December 2nd was a full solo-effort (minus a guest-spot on Deadmau5’s lead single), I think it’s safe to say at this point that he deserves to showcase his talent in the best way possible. Yes, folks, we know how much you love guest-spots and vocalists, but what has made his music prolific is his dedication to sick instrumentals that transcend genres. In what way you ask? W:/2016ALBUM follows the trend that Deadmau5 set for himself: to create instrumentals that combine not only robotic and techno influences, but one that is inclusive of riffs that make you always say to yourself, “this is none other than Deadmau5.” Pick up his newest album, “W:/2016ALBUM,” and get ready for one of the most chilled-out good vibes of the winter season.

Dont miss Deadmau5 at Decadence New Years Eve for a wild night!

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Binary Hertz Previews Two Hot Tracks, Signs Up Donald Glaude and Arietta for Brand New E.P.

As it goes in the world of artists trying bring fruits out of their labor, it’s apparent that Jeremy Miller and Matty Spangler aren’t hitting the brakes anytime soon getting the Arizona scene hyped for some well-deserved and long-awaited releases that are going to be pivotal to developing their style. Last time we checked up on Binary Hertz, the club-ready “Into The Night” delivered salvation to the sometimes-starved dancefloor, and injected some creativity into a classic House sound. As well as a very extensive interview, the well-seasoned dynamic duo have had plenty on their plate as they have been in and out of the studio, while managing their future plans.

After toiling in the studio and making friends along the way, both Jeremy and Matty have released a very intrinsic track (which is also the title of the E.P.), “Without You,” straight from Relentless Beats and the horses’ mouths themselves. Just within the short preview of their freshest track out of recording booth, this track truly sets the tone for their style with the addition of sounds you wouldn’t have normally heard in their introductory tracks and performances. The Original Mix of Without You contains a flanging bass that reminds one of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,” but simultaneously the feel of a track that contains many more well-thought out riffs and patterns than more classically techno-orientated tracks.

Now, did you think just because they were at work in the studio means there was no fun to be had? Well, you might be surprised to know that fellow music mastermind Arietta providing some drum + bass dirty action in their remix, which floats almost fluidly without disturbing the integrity of the original track. Much like the original mix, Arietta’s small sample of this remix contains enough gusto to prove her classical training as a virtuoso in composition and instrumentation. Suppose Arietta’s remix could provide that tactful yet dirty drum + bass to the further organic sound that Binary Hertz is pushing, which can definitely provide a mixture that could be groundbreaking for future releases.

Arietta’s remix further goes into convulsions when it combines the saucy female vocals of the original, and uses sounds that Klaus Nomi would most agreeably be proud of. Arietta almost comes out of the dark, bringing the Phoenix scene to new corners of creativity that is going to cover a well sought-after musical niche. With the lower synths that remind you slightly of a “key-tar” mixed with the right sensibilities of drum + bass that almost seem directly at home with her aforementioned past in different genres outside of the electronic world.

Another friend Jeremy and Matty are bringing along for the wild ride are their good friend, Donald Glaude, who might need no mention due to his own popularity and longevity in the house scene, packed with an arsenal of features on Spike TV, as well as the DJ Mag Top 100. Compared to BH and Arietta, Donald Glaude brings to this table of super friends an incredibly intimidating line of tracks that stretch back all the way to 1997. What makes his longevity impressive, is his constant improvement made to his deep rhythm style that includes various crowd-pumping samples that may be classic, but fit into the music as fluidly with the modern sounds that mesh with the old. Fear not, because this is partnership isn’t going to be a one-hit wonder, for both parties have plans to mold some future musical partnerships.

With the upcoming release of the “Without You” E.P. seeing a possible Beatport spot in the running, exciting things are happening for a band that once impressed us as an opener for Infected Mushroom 2016 back in April, and are continuing to reach new heights with the constant yearning to experiment with lesser known sounds, and taking the knowledge from their own respective careers, and merging them together. So far, we can all see that these two samples of the same track under different interpretations sets the tone Binary Hertz wants you to know: they are not bound to one sound, and they are definitely not a one-trick pony.

With the combination of Arietta’s slick interpretations and contributions to the field of drum + bass, and Donald Glaude’s veteran award-winning spirit, it’s a forecast telling us there could be sick music coming up in the works very soon.  Keep an eye on not only the dynamic duo, Binary Hertz, but their good friends Arietta and Donald Glaude as well, for these previews are definitely going to deliver a tweaked out super-track. As you can tell, the story of Binary Hertz is still being written, and these previews are very telling that new tracks are going to hit the dancefloor month-to-month with quick impact.

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Prok & Fitch Release “Latmun” Remix of Smash Single, “Tears”

Prok and Fitch are characters in the industry that have shared almost 18 years combined behind the boards and more. Not only have they witnessed the various changes in the industry, but turned their passion of finding obscure vinyl into a true music-making experience that culminated into what we know as the EDM renaissance. What makes Ben Prok and James Fitch so note-worthy, is the heart of their music that traces back to the origins of clubland, and is based off of pure experience. While you might be fooled at first by hearing a very familiar baseline, it is always counteracted with new grooves battling the risk of over-nostalgia. In recent weeks, Prok and Fitch released the “Latmun” remix, which incorporates another DJ-producer friend under the same name. The collab between Prok, Fitch and Latmun almost overshadow the original by using this collaborative effort into making sure no DJ would reject a track like this in the club.

At RB, we are always fans of the new and up-and-coming, but respect is always due to the DJs “on the grind” that have rose from the ashes of pre-2007 to jump into a movement that was unprecedented. We need not to ask you to respect these artists, but their music and experience almost demand it when you tune into “Tears.” It is also worthy to note that every individual with a credit under the “artist” line is in-fact from our great-great-great grandmother we kicked out of the house, Great Britain. Not that we have any problem with that, of course, but what makes this track very special is the heavy absence of Euro-pop influence that had trademarked many European DJs’ work in the last few years. Not to say they are selling out to us ‘Yanks, but the sound that Latmun and the crew created have actually morphed into a sound that has no borders. House has become such a wide expanse, such as when you put tracks like “Tears” in the equation, it shows that the House music you listen to may indeed have influences from across the pond, but can speak to a larger audience that might not be visible upon first glance.

Although it has been out for a few weeks, check out the track that is ripping up various platforms, and bringing us back to the world of the club!

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Sources: EDM Wikia

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Gina Turner: DJ, Mother, Yoga Enthusiast, Business Woman

DJ Tina Turner is IN THE HOUSE! Actually no, you misread that; But we can tell you, a femme fatale force is appearing on the scene, a very savvy Ms. Gina Turner. Although her name may sound similar, she is actually not the aging rock songstress who magically decided she was awesome at an 80s analog switchboard. Then who the hell is Gina Turner? Well, folks, Gina Turner is the force of nature your playlist has been looking for quite some time. Gina Turner is the answer to working moms who just want to get low to the beat, and also stay on their own hustle. Gina Turner even owns her own label imprint, and aside from making some bomb-ass beats and having a background as a Yoga instructor, Gina is waaaaaa-y too busy to listen to the haters.

What makes her music dance-worthy? Although it is difficult to pinpoint her exact genre and the beats she might have been raised with, this track proves us plenty that you are never too busy to party. In her track with Mitch de Klein, the original mix, “Bliss,” features the soft cooing and spoken vocals over what sounds like a mix of a glock and steel drum. Of course some of you more musically-minded people could pick out the effect off of the top of your head, but more importantly, it is what her music represents.

Songs like “Bliss” aren’t always game-changers on terms of music composition, but sometimes the combination of samples and song elements can come together in one, nice, cohesive piece. What makes tracks like “Bliss” and her other work impressive as well, are the original beats that can make the dance-floor hot-flash. On the other hand to compliment some of these harder beats, you have her song with Tony Quattro, “Afterhours,” which provides a much chiller vibe that would definitely find its home at some sort of after dark after-party. The music Gina Turner is making is not meant to be over-analyzed, but simply to be enjoyed what it is.

So, we had the chance to get to know one of the DJs that should be on your list a little better musically, but what does this mean for you? If you’re a fan of those old school analog sci-fi sounds, but at the same time, favor something that is always club-ready, DJ Gina Turner is the artist for you. In the “man’s world” of being a DJ, Gina Turner is breaking the boundaries of creativity, and also in her own industry.

Catch Gina Turner at Global Dance Fest AZ at The Hideout!

Connect With Gina Turner: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Artist Spotlight: Sage Armstrong — That Move-Yo-Body Kinda Sound

It is true: Sage Armstrong might be support for Will Clarke’s Barbershop Tour, but today at RB, Sage’s music is going to be put front and center as we check out why we should be “strong-armed” into listening to his music. Aside from rising through the ranks ofDirtybird, Sage has been building his brand through his own unique interpretation of house music by including completely original vocals and some dark beats to off-color some of the more “brighter” sounds. Listen to his Dirtybird debut from yonder, “What’s Your Tempetcha?” If you’re like us, you probably had to read it a few times to actually get the gist of the title.

Sage Armstrong – What’s Yo Tempetcha?

Songs like WYT inspire a different kind of “house” vibe on the dancefloor: Sage Armstrong produces music that can be admired at your backyard houseparty as well as being at home in the dirtiest of warehouses. Sage Armstrong wants to give you that feeling that you had years ago when you stepped into your first warehouse, and heard those beats that made you say “God-damned, that is DIRTY!” The schtick that makes his music so addictive are the darker beats that remind us of the “good old days,” yet don’t counter the “cleanliness” we have found in modern house and techno as well. While you won’t find Sage necessarily borrowing from other genres, Armstrong is paving his own path in a different way: by taking house music, and bringing back those sci-fi sounds, hip-hop influences, and vocals into this “party city” type of mix that calls for no ball-room dancing — just straight up shuffling and twerking.

Wood Holly, Sage Armstrong – Ass Out

Sage Armstrong does not care; he wishes not to be Diplo, Calvin Harris, or any of the mainstream names, but is simply making a name for himself by being true to his vision. We don’t need a press-pass to ask him that either, since his music speaks louder than words. Not only check him out at his upcoming gig with Will Clarke, but investigate some of the darker points of Sage Armstrong’s catalog to witness what music should have: a lack of pretension.

Connect With Sage Armstrong: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Lee Foss Releases “Deep Congo” in Anticipation of A New Album and Tour

It’s official: Lee Foss is gracing us with a full length album, and tour around February 17th, and is putting all the best “Alchemy” techniques he possibly can. Did you see what we did there? That’s called a joke, because that’s the name of his brand new album. Compared to Lee Foss’s “The Gift,” “Deep Congo,” the new track released only moments in the music world, shows a new future for Foss. Deep Congo combines aspect of house and techno, but deviates from the latter by presenting it with “sci-fi” like production that is starting to be on the rise. Playing just like a classic pin-ball game, Lee Foss’s Deep Congo sets a precedent for his new album to give us something more symphonic and sophisticated.

Lee Foss – Deep Congo

Beginning with a rising synth, Foss is already separating himself by harking back to the 80s — but you can bet your a** it isn’t in any way tacky. Mixed with the modern sounds of a lone synth bouncing back-and-forth in the backbeat, the start of this track already subsided what was given to us before. Instead of a generic backbeat without any sort of decor, we are treated to a house track that launches into the funk before we can even ask “what is up?” This time, Lee Foss is focusing on everything analog and original — producing original sounds from what we thought of as dead production values.
As time goes on, we are constantly bombarded by the new, edgy, and every new program DJs want to utilize on their boards. Lee Foss is going to remind us with his new album why those classics sounds made us who we are today, and incorporate those sounds into fresh melodies that still captivate audiences. Take a listen to Lee Foss’s “Deep Congo,”catch his new album in Feb. 2017,  and never forget where your favorite “wub wubs” came from!

Catch Lee Foss at Global Dance Festival heading up the RB Deep Stage on November 19!

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Sources: MixMag

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Ookay Releases 3 New Remixes Of “Thief” with Slushii and More!

Ah, the saxophone; whether you are tuning into that really overplayed George Michael classic, or just hearing that really strange inclusion of Kenny G that Katy Perry created out of “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), when do we truly know as a society, when it is the correct time to utilize the various forms of saxophone? As you can see from the examples above, those are some of the “lesser” times you might want to include a sax, not to mention it pained me in first person to actually refer to the Katy Perry song without making some sort of sarcastic quip. Actually, it pains me as a writer that I had to reference her song in a serious manner due to the above Same Sax-mention.

Now, why are we here? saxophones, dammit, that’s why we are here! DJ, Producer, and talented musician, Ookay just dropped remixes of his sax-tastic number, “Thief.” While the original is laden with that sexy sax, the Slushii Remix in turn will give you the chills of hearing a high-pitched synth-sax that blows the original out of the water. The tight screech mixed with Slushii’s style of bringing traptastic drops (especially in this edition) off-plays the original by converting it into a more “meaner” track. What’s to say about the other fantastic remixes on this E.P.?

What makes this E.P. noticeable is how each version of Thief contributes to the mix by keeping the principle saxophone, but mixing it with genres that Ookay didn’t originally explore. The “Tommy Trash” Remix of the E.P. boasts a knowledge of trance and house, while not pushing the drops too far bass-wise, but making up for it by reworking the original melody. The Tommy Trash remix is a work that does not wish to mix up the saxophone as much as Slushii once attempted. The third and last remix, the Botekedition, introduces the listener to more organic noises that mirror a mix of progressive house with techno.

While Botek does flirt with house and techno, the style that he brings to Thief sort of make it an outlier on the E.P. While it is indeed obvious that the latter DJs did try to stick to Ookay’s original plan and mixing their own, Botek more evidently has his own ideas and reworked the melody to not mirror the original as much as the others. Botek’s remix takes a simple beat and dresses up the track with various organic, household sounds that probably blew Ookay’s mind away when he heard it.

Take a listen to the full E.P. above, and let us know at RB what you think of Ookay’s newest tracks! If you missed Ookay at Cake on the 15th of September in Scottsdale, worry not, and keep an eye on those sexy tour dates of his!

Connect With Ookay: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Slushii: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Tommy Trash: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Botek: MySpace

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HeRobust Releases Two New Trap-Tastic Bangers

Although Herobust has been travelling the globe and exposing his #futurebass in his live sets, the studio side of this trill performer hasn’t been as well-explored through headphones as much as they should be. Those days might be coming to an end, with some sick releases that are bound to attract not only fans who enjoy more Trap-laden tracks, but also fans who enjoy their energy-induced high from the current state of progressive house. Although we were stoked to talk about Herobust’s Busted mix ofWuki’s Make It Clap, there is an even newer track coming out of nowhere entitled “Skurt Reynolds (VIP).”

Wuki –  Make It Clap (feat. Dance With White Girls) [Busted By Herobust]

Herobust (also stylized heRobust) is coming out from Atlanta, Georgia to not only make his music mixable for music minds and enthusiasts alike, but also to help his music reach the masses with influences coming from diverse sources from OutKast to Flosstradamus. Herobust, AKA Hayden Kramer came out with a remix of Wuki’s Make It Clap, which not only unsurprisingly combines his love of the world of rap and hiphop, but transforms the song into a melodic booty-party. The Make It Clap “Busted” edition changes average beats into an insanely melodic drop that puts the hard factors that listeners want into a trap-bass mixture.

Herobust – Skurt Reynolds (VIP)

Yes, “booty music” many not be as intellectually respectable as other genres in the eyes of the mainstream, but “Make It Clap” achieves a different goal of highlighting a track that does in-fact ask the booty to twerk, but includes enough heavy synth and bass elements to make a smart and clean track mixed with intense hip-hop vibes. While his remix of Wuki’s Make It Clap came out two weeks ago, we will also be covering the even newer track that happened to come out of the blue: “Skurt Reynolds (VIP)” carries a more progressive house vibe with again-resilient hip hop influences that transgress the genre. While not as “hard” as the remixed Wuki track, Skurt Reynolds pleases the palate of fans looking for a more traditional house approach that revolutionizes itself by bridging the gap between progressive house and trap. Although this is a remix of the anniversary of the original tracks and more, this newer version brings the original up to date in all the right ways.

Aside from jamming out to these two brand-new tracks, catch Herobust at the Global Dance Festival at Rawhide, in Chandler AZ, on November 19th, show starting at 3:00 PM. Definitely tell your friends, because Herobust is well-known for putting on a sick show!

Connect With Herobust: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Anna Lunoe Drops Landmark-House Track, Radioactive

What is it lately with all the talent coming from Australia? It looks like Anna Lunoe is on our list to becoming the next big thing to grace us ‘Yankies with some good ole fashioned Aussie attitude. Although she will be bringing her HYPER HOUSE Tour to Arizona on November 12th, 2016, even we at Relentless Beats are surprised at her credentials that many DJs and producers would salivate (or get insanely bitter) over. A lot of people can’t say they worked with Flume in 2012, a 2014 release on Skrillex’s imprint, Nest, working with the launch of Apple Music the same year, and made history in 2016 for being the first female solo-DJ act to play on EDC’s main stage.

Now that’s what I call a run-on sentence! Listen, we can go on about her achievements all day, but true artistry is displayed through physical music, as well as if they can walk the walk. Luckily, Anna Lunoe helped us all out at RB by actually releasing a pretty sick track only a week-ago. Don’t confuse this for another song of the same name, because we can gladly assure you there are no Dragons that you need to Imagine. Luckily for us, Anna’s Radioactive comes in with a bang and spends no time wasting any second for “ambiance” or pretension. Utilizing her own vocals, Anna Lunoe makes her track unique by making “Radioactive” into a psychadelic bouncy-house. Unlike many tracks we have reviewed, this track almost avoids old school sensibilities all together by incorporating bass that fades in and out, mixed with leveled synths that have a pretty cool keyboard riff that cuts into the middle.

Anna Lunoe – Radioactive

Anna Lunoe is not your average chica behind the boards: in a man’s world of music, what can we ask for than an individual who brings an expertise that many DJs starting up would want to aspire to be. As much as you can gush about any artist you wish had mainstream fame, Anna Lunoe is on the cusp, and she is not afraid to take names. Aside from her above-mentioned show, check out Radioactive and her other tracks to see why we think she’s going to be the Olympian DJ coming up pretty soon!

Connect With Anna Lunoe: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud
Sources: The Verge, Dancing Astronaut

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Will K & Corey James Join Forces On Nuclear Track, “Let Me See You”

On September 6th, 2016, pay dirt finally broke for upcoming DJ/Producers, Will K andCorey James with some of the most hyped up tracks of the season. Although their names might be new to your ears with the slew of talented artists you have in the progressive House genre, this duo surprisingly come together from what seems to be  two very polar styles and managing to reconcile their differences artistically in producing a truly anthemic track. Arrivin from the depths of Soundcloud, Corey James and Will K present to you, “Let Me See You.”

Corey James & Will K – Let Me See You (Original Mix)

That’s not to say they aren’t buds in and out of the studio, but Will K’s much darker sounds found in his past work show a much darker and heavier tone that contrasts Corey James more melodic and less emphasis on tribal marches that many sounds in the genre contain. What you can expect from this brand new track, “Let Me See You,” is a thrashing anthem that has the polar opposites of light and dark harmoniously centered around the bassline. Most, if not all important segments of the drop highlight Will K’s more tribal approach to beats while Corey James’s influence can be clearly heard in some of the melody.

Fear not, for this House selection isn’t your average ‘waiting-room’ track; “Let Me See You” combines catchy vocals with a live setting in mind, as well as cramming as much synth as you can in two minutes and forty-seven seconds without compromising the artistic integrity. Throughout the entirety of the track, you are taken through a whirlwind of two creative masterminds taking charge behind the boards.

Take a listen to Corey James and Will K’s “Let Me See You” for not only the insane drop at the end, but for an important mark in two rising stars’ collaboration. Both Will K and Corey James are two artists you are bound to see bubbling under the charts pretty soon, so keep on the look out, and check out their other equally diverse catalogs as they climb the food chain of EDM!

Connect With Will K: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Connect With Corey James: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Get Schwifty to Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Ehide’s Sick Rick and Morty Dubstep Remix

Last time we checked up on Midnight Tyrannosaurus, he was previewing his newest track entitled, “Rat Jazz,” and his diversity in music could have not been more refreshing. This time, Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Ehide are making waves with their “Rick and Morty” dubstep piece, “Planet Purge.” For fans like us who like to seek out those pop-culture ready tracks lined with quotes and references that you will probably only get, “Planet Purge’ is not only amusing for those who watch the very stoner-esque program, but also amusing to those who will appeal to the life lessons the show sometimes reflects. Amidst all the aliens and interdimensional travel, Planet Purge (the song) displays all the best quotes, life lessons, and weird moments that have made each episode memorable.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Ehide – Plane Purge

From the beginning, we have an intense leaning toward harder bass sounds, but also a penchant for staying true to the title. “Planet Purge” stays true to the episode by almost presenting the audio from the show in monologue form, by mixing the music to where it is “just” audible above the chopped and screwed drops. “Planet Purge” brings back the dubstep of yonder, to when the “hardness” of a track wasn’t necessarily compromised by mainstream sensibilities that took over the genre in the early 2010s.

With the track clocking in a little over four-minutes, this lengthens the original sample on his Soundcloud page, but also cements both MT and Ehide as artists who have one ear to the television. Planet Purge, from the perspective of a non-fan of the show, can still be enjoyed with its comical relations to the concept of “purging” that we have experienced in recent years through film and culture. The quotes throughout may be relative to “Rick and Morty,” but put the idea of a “purge,” in a comical light as murder is legalized to repress inner anger.

Take a listen to Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Ehide’s classic approach to “Planet Purge.” This Rick and Morty Spectacular contains all the traits of not only a good dubstep track,  but would definitely gain the approval of its creators by keeping their ear to the television, but also staying connected to the deeper message of the song. You see, Rick and Morty are about their hilariously written lines, but each episode has a different deeper theme which ties in the lighter dialogue. If you are looking for a Rick and Morty remix that covers all the bases and keeps true to the original content, check out Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Ehide’s “Planet Purge,” before it is purged, that is.

Connect With Midnight Tyrannosaurus: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Ehide: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Midnight Tyrannosaurus Previews Hard and Funky Clip, “Rat Jazz”

Aside from his October 8th supporting spot at the Monarch with Bear Grillz, the sample virtuoso known as Midnight Tyrannosaurus came back at it with a small clip that could either be a solo spot in a potential live set, or a full-blown new track for future release. On August 21st, MT debuted the clip entitled Rat Jazz, which contains more samples than you could probably name without Wikipedia. Although Midnight Tyrannosaurus has tailored his tastes toward the eons of Dubstep, Glitchhop, Drumstep, and other various percussion heavy subgenres, “Rat Jazz” has the odd ability to actually combine what sounds like a saxophone very early in the track.

“Rat Jazz” sticks out its neck with its ability to not only be a track that would go down as legendary in a live setting, but also denote itself by the odd samples that don’t interrupt how “hard” you may think the beat is going. Yes, you may notice “Rat Jazz” is short only coming in at a timed 1:54, but MT has the surprising gift of doing a lot in a very small amount of time. Littered across his Soundcloud displays a detailed discography of smaller tracks accompanied by the occasional long play, stringed with a sense of good internet humor as well as pop culture.

What should you expect from his live set? Well, if you tune into the long-playing track below entitled “Midnight Snacks Volume 2,” you’re served up a monologue of sample mixed with a choir interspersed into the more harder drops. Quite frankly, although he is tackling a well-known genre, his music plays like the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino film which makes you ask why he doesn’t release tracks on his Soundcloud account like this more often. Tracks on Midnight Snacks Volume 2, as well as the clip entitled “Rat Jazz” displays versatility that will definitely translate into the live setting.

What makes this longer release more interesting shows his ability to mix very well known samples into the threads of what sounds like very “genre heavy” production values. Although his sound definitely wouldn’t be found on a mainstream house playlist on late night radio, his music plays out for the true fans of dubstep, and his love for the genre is apparent. “Rat Jazz” will definitely have an impact on his future sets, and maybe if you catch his set at the Monarch, there’s a chance he will play it firsthand. The discography of Midnight Tyrannosaurus plays out like a fever-dream episode of “Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law,” and if you’re down vibe with something other than a generic housebeat, you’re in for a treat.

Connect With Midnight Tyrannosaurus: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Listen To This Chilled-Out Remix Of “The Song Of Jigglypuff”

From the depths of the internet, once again emerges something you would have expected to be remixed a lot time ago, but apparently no one made a splash until now:STEL LEO delivered upon us a treasure from the underground with a remix of the very nostalgic song from episode 45 of the original Pokemon anime in 1998. The original songfeatured very little percussion with Japanese-style flute composition, but it turns out that STEL LEO had no problem transforming the original into an elegant, ambient, and fresh track.

As soon as you push the play button, the remix entitled “Jigglypuff Type Bang” dons the outfit of the original, yet quickly ascends into 8-bit NES-reminiscent strings that repeat the melody, yet each measure contains differences that almost transform those measures into different narratives. It is true: the original, and this version do not contain a crazy, overblown drop, but instead highlights a love of more ambient remixes that rely on more organic and “vibing” type of sounds.

What makes this remix most interesting is the adherence to the melody. STEL LEO properly homaged to the swell folks at Pokemon by containing enough of the original flute and percussion free approach, yet introducing light percussion elements to add the necessary backbone, yet doesn’t smear the effect of the original. Although Pokemon Go has made a huge splash in the mainstream, STEL LEO clearly made this out of knowing the anime itself, and definitely reflects that it is not just meant to follow a trend.

Take a listen to STEL LEO’s remix of Jigglypuff, and get ready to be impressed next time you’re on someone’s roof trying to catch a rare pokemon…..

Connect With STEL LEO: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Mat Zo’s Ballin’ with New Tour Dates, New EP Plans

Matan Zohar, better known as “Mat Zo,” is somewhat of an anomaly in today’s industry; we may hear of artists who have formed in the darkest, dankest, and most remote places of the universe to bring us their dank music, but what occurs when you happen to be born to a traditionally musical family? The answer to our question is Mat Zo. Born in London to two very musical parents as well as fostering a love for the ins and outs of musical composition, Mat Zo somehow yet gracefully landed in the world of EDM, starting with the genre of drum + bass, and slowly working his way creatively through the genre.

For starters, aside from his collection of singles and EPs released throughout the years, he even dropped his sophomore album under his own label imprint, Mad Zoo, in March. September 8th will feature even more new music from Mat Zo this year as he gears up for his next “MAD” EP and tour. On September 8th, Mat Zo will not only be releasing an EP, but also embarking on a new tour to represent the EP and give us all a taste of his melodically sophisticated brand of music. Check out the tour dates below:

MAD Tour Dates & Locations:

9/2: Nocturnal Wonderland – San Bernardino, CA

9/16: Celebrities – Vancouver, BC

9/17: Euphoria – Portland, OR

9/23: Site 1A – Milwaukee, WI

9/24: Rev – Minneapolis, MI

9/28: Bijou – Boston, MA

10/1: Webster Hall – New York, NY

10/7: Elektricity – Pontiac, MI

10/13: District Shop – Winnipeg, MB

10/14: Marquee – Calgary, AB

11/10: Sutra – Costa Mesa, CA

11/11: Bassmnt – San Diego, CA

11/12: Create – Los Angeles, CA

Still not convinced? Check out the clip of “Revelation Crisis,” which takes various drum + bass elements and mixing it under the careful care of dubstep. Although he is attempting to tackle two genres in one track, Mat Zo seems to utilize his knowledge of composition to make the more tribal elements of drum + bass that might throw off listeners who are into things more melodic, but mold it with the elements of dubstep that give it the sophistication that surpasses any common generic housebeat. Revelation Crisis contains the classic essence of what makes a Mat Zo track, by making something that sounds natural, yet rejects any notion of pretension. Mat Zo’s MAD EP will be sure to feature at least some of the elements, and, even if it is a completely fresh product, he’s gonna bring you in for a surprise.

Aside from this track, be sure to stay on the lookout for Mat Zo’s “mad” new EP, and upcoming tour.

Connect With Mat Zo: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud 

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Dirty South Drops Mainstream Breakthrough, “Just Dream” ft. Rudy

When you hear the name, “Dirty South,” it might remind you of all the “Dirty South” iconic sound of rappers who have spawned some of our biggest hip-hop superstars. Well, your guess couldn’t be more off: Dirty South is not only a Serbian-Australian expat, and contains no trace of the American South, but has offered us a banging brand of house that throws away some of the more monotonous trends you might be hearing on the radio. Although Dirty South has only released two full-length albums and a tidy collection of singles, working with Alesso, David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell has given him enough leverage in the industry to bring us the release of “Just Dream,” with vocalist, Rudy.

What makes “Just Dream” so special? Well, looking at DS’s track record, many of his tracks share a symbiosis with the vocals they feature. In many of the articles we produce at RB, it’s no secret that many artists utilize a vocal track, but “Just Dream” gives us a sample of what Dirty South is trying to accomplish: debuting a track that not only has solid production and displays vocals, but actively combines them into the composition of the song. The vocal contributions from Rudy as well hold up on their own behind the modern Daft Punk-ish inspired bass lines that could reverb through any club globally.

Although the track does contain a simple piano riff that mirrors a lot of popular sounds we may hear on the radio, the very tribal aspect of the piano riff mixed with the bass line mentioned above creates an iconic combination that definitely marks itself as Dirty South’s style. “Just Dream” uses common conventions, but utilizes a pulsing bassline that makes it not only ready for the dance floor, but proves to why he has worked with such heavyweights at a young point in his discography. With Rudy on vocals, Dirty South is looking to reinvent the mainstream status quo by making his licks something a little “dirtier” than your used to when you turn the dial.

Connect With Dirty South: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Rudy: Facebook | Twitter

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Au5 Releases Wub-tastic Two-Track EP with Q’AILA

On August 10th, 2016, Au5 brought his multi-colored brand of progressive house, along with a background in Glitch Hop, Dubstep, and Drum + Bass to form a very well-rounded double-sided digital E.P. on Soundcloud, with a little help from Q’AILA, a German-Canadian vocalist and songwriter who contributes an impressive set of vocal runs. Although Au5 has gained much of his success with singles on Beatport, Soundcloud, and other platforms that have caught attention bubbling under the mainstream, it is clear with the “Any Longer / Hit Rewind” E.P. that our Jersey-bonafide friend is rolling the dice with something more mainstream friendly.

Just taking a look at his last effort released over four months ago with the track, Shlappy,Mr. Bill and Au5 released this Glitch-Step track littered with various influences stemming from more ambient avenues, but still containing danceable yet genre specific beats. What does this mean for the fans of Au5 who have stuck with him from the very dawn? It looks like Au5 is instead relying on formal dubstep beats mixed with festival-esque big stadium synths that would fit in any live setting be it big or small. While the entire world is obsessing itself over the subgenre of “trap” music in the world of EDM, Au5 will be pleasing the ears of anyone who’s missed those “wub-wubs” that got quickly ran over by the mainstream in the early 2010s.

Fortunately, this two-track E.P. does everything else except fit into the mainstream. Although its synthy progressive house elements allow it to sneak into the playlist of anyone who lightly tunes into EDM. Its oddly-alone piano melody in the intro as well as a diverse set of dubstep elements fitting into the drops of both tracks, but predominantly shows its true colors in “Any Longer.” Although “Hit Rewind” has elements of 8-bit sounds as well as a sick house backbeat, it sort of goes against the grain in an effort to separate itself from the former. Although the tracks carry a similarity in vocals, “Hit Rewind” will definitely appeal to the house crowd, while “Any Longer” will satisfy the thirst for new and consistent dubstep elements in music.

Through all these elements, there’s no question we hadn’t even took a breath to look at the vocals presented by the Canadian virtuoso, Q’ALIA. Although she is multi-talented, the vocals she primarily contributes on the track contain elements in any house song, but separates herself from the grain by presenting a very calm soprano that offsets the sometimes-insanity of the two tracks on the E.P.

The “Any Longer / Hit Rewind” E.P. will definitely be marked as a milestone in Au5’s career; Although he has worked with the likes of B.T., and remixed countless tracks, this fully-furnished two track piece will cement Au5 in the mainstream and hopefully prove himself to handle more than one genre in his production tool-box, and gain a new respect from fans around the globe.

Connect With Au5: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Q’AILA: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Insomniac Releases Dope Lineup For Trancetastic ‘Dreamstate SoCal’

Hey man, how have you been? I know breakups can be hard, but sometimes things are for the better right? I mean, yeah, genres come and go, but sometimes we all have feelings for those people who haven’t been in our lives lately as much as they should. Maybe it’s time to hit up that guy/chick you used to get down with every weekend; remember Trance? We do.

This November, that panging heartbreak in your life when they left will be mended over with another year of one of the biggest Trance-dedicated events in the red, white and blue. After Insomniac revealed the official lineup for the Dreamstate SoCal, which is making its second-year entrance as an event dedicated to the love, creation, and experience of trance music, the world hasn’t been the same when dozens of artists from the genre come together.

Trap in the EDM world may have taken everyone’s attention this summer with rappers of both underground and more famous origins being paired up with hi hats and sub bass, but what about Trap House’s cousin trance? Insane event producer, Insomniac will be bringing back Dreamstate SoCal November 25th and 26th to bring sixty of the best trance-influenced artists to the floor and show everyone which subgenre is still boss.
Although trance has made its way into the mainstream and has meshed into what we now call EDM, artists like legendary Paul Oakenfold, Infected Mushroom doing a “Psytrance” DJ set, Gareth Emery, Paul van Dyk, just for starters. Don’t worry, you won’t be trapped at one stage either: Dreamstate SoCal is going to feature three stages to satiate your trance needs, whether you want to be chillin’ with Binary Finary, or maybe Vini Vici’s “Future Classics” was more up your alley before you showed up.



As mentioned above, it’s not secret that trance has found its way back into the mainstream and almost integrated itself into the bigger “umbrella” of EDM. According to one of last year’s reviews on, ” [the festival] was a seriously refreshing reminder that the real stuff is still out there; kudos to Insomniac for reviving a seemingly dead/dying genre.” Although trance has taken a backseat in recent months, it would be ludicrous to say that the genre is “dying” any sort of death. What you will witness in November is a layout of impressive production elements, insane visuals, and a sure-shot revival of what made so many people experience FOMO, or the fear of missing out.

This year’s event with newcomers as well as genre veterans will bask in the ambiance and truly feel like home again in a world that is currently dominated by Trap and other genres of the moment. Yeah, maybe you haven’t hit up your girl/guy Trance in a long time; maybe you even spent a few months with another genre (okay, Trap was a dime-piece, but let’s not talk about that one night with Electro Swing a few years ago — bad idea from the start), but baby, you know Trance is always lurking in places you wouldn’t find them, and you know they are ALWAYS going to be around in some shape or form. Don’t worry baby, Trance is keeping you safe this time, no matter what Trap has to say about it.

Sources: InsomniacYourEDM

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Alex Metric & Aeroplane Form “Metroplane” Super Duo & Tour

Although he may not be on your immediate radar, Alex Metric definitely has some things going for him this year, aside from his upcoming show at Shady Park, in Tempe, on August 12th. British DJ/producer/artist and a slew of other titles lining his medals of achievement remixing the greats (Madeon, N.E.R.D., Scissor Sisters, and Depeche Modefor starters), as well as production credits with artists like Robbie Williams, Snow Patrol, and a list of artists around the globe. Although he has worked with artists of different backgrounds, his credits seem to float towards artists who have achieved British popularity — this notion could not be more false, for his music, both old and new, reflect a personal aspect to his sound that doesn’t seem to fit into what we believe separates the oceans of house music as much as we think.

Nine months ago, Alex Metric released the part four of his “Ammunition” EPs that have been steadily facing release since 2012. Although all of his career has been concentrated in the 00s, much of Ammunition Part 4 has a slight mix of 90s house embodied with a soulful vocal peeking in on some of the tracks. Tracks like “Always There” feature the exact qualities matched above, with surprises coming from around the corner. Although Part Four does follow cleanly track to track, the personality of Metric always shines through, and you truly can’t mistake his sound for anyone else’s.

With such a diverse discography, it’s definitely going to be hard to pinpoint what he could possibly be putting into his set at Shady Park coming up pretty soon. Did we mention his show will also include Aeroplane, a vetted DJ who has always brought the fire from Belgium with his music that has spacey trance elements scattered across a house-based track. On last year’s “Let’s Get Slow,” Benjamin David drops Pet Shop Boy-esque vocals on a simple melody that gets more complicated when mixed with his smart percussion choices.

Bringing these two experts of the “House” field together, but from different departments will definitely be causing chemical reactions when they come around to Shady Park on August 12th. Check out Alex Metric, and also Aeroplane for two very diverse artists who put their heart into it.

Connect With Alex Metric: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud
Connect With Aeroplane: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Mr Carmack Randomly Releases A Slew Of 50+ New Tracks On Soundcloud

Aaron Carmack, better known under the moniker of “Mr. Carmack,” has been quite an elusive figure in the scene and has boiled an inch under the mainstream line, but still manages to not only have an official Soundcloud page with innumerable tracks, but also two other Souncloud accounts dedicated to his “secret gems” or “lost tracks.” His own self-published “About” page on his website features even more mystery behind the mask, because — although his appearance is not obscured like some of our other favorite DJs — he has a slew of work that could rival Tupac’s arduous studio sessions in which he would barricade himself and produce 3 albums-worth of material in a span of weeks. One could say that producing a slew of demos is not difficult, but to produce such a large amount of polished tracks almost seems impossible in a world of production and possibility.

Just a few weeks ago, Mr. Carmack conspicuously released over 50 tracks on his Soundcloud, and as this piece mentioned, there truly isn’t an explanation to such a vast array of musical output. Tracks like “FUCKEDUP411” show a more mechanical and industrial side to Carmack’s music, and even at the low time-count of the song, especially for an EDM produced track, it definitely gives a weird glimpse into some of his more experimental works. Although some reflect rougher demos than those that definitely seem more polished, this set of 50+ tracks — even without explanation — gives the rare opportunity to delve into the mind of a creative who you might not know personally, but reflects a unique creative process and how he gets his songs to the point where they seem “clean.”

Finally, Abby 2.0 is one of the highlights of this unprecedented truckload of tracks. Although following simple percussion schemes, it is not what ends up the final product with “Abby,” but the instrumentals that went into it. Mr. Carmack strikes us as the type of fellow who enjoys using natural sounds just as much as he enjoys incorporating synths to balance out some of the rougher aspects of the track. Although you might not know his name, keep an eye on Mr. Carmack for Producer/DJ transparency and more unprecedented releases that will surely surprise your ears. He may not be the DJ you have to wait 10 months for a new track from, but he definitely marks himself as “avant garde” by releasing large amounts of solid work at one time.

Check out the rest of the tracks here!

Connect With Mr. Carmack: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: EDMTunes

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Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission Go Old School With Their New “Back To Vinyl” Tour

As performers and artists alike are trying to outdo themselves creatively and the industry they helped build, very few are going back to the roots in the umbrella-realm of EDM by not only revisiting, but reinventing certain aspects of the industry through modern means, yet still respecting what was historical. Industry insiders and heavyweights, Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission, will be embarking on their “Back To Vinyl” Tour. Instead of using mechanisms and boards that would be familiar to any DJ post the year 2000, their tour which opened on July 8th in Cincinnati, Ohio, features an entirely vinyl-only setup to not only play their more famous hits, but feature new music as well.


Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission are no strangers behind the boards, but seeing them in an entirely old-school environment while still churning out new material on the set will prove to be an event you won’t want to miss when it comes around to Talking Stick Resort on August 20th, for two industry powerhouses to not only make a triumphant live return as a duo to Arizona, but also getting the rare chance to see a generation long past be revitalized — and we can say for a lot of our younger readers, it is a skill that you probably don’t see demonstrated every day in the year of 2016.

As we like to say countlessly in many of our articles, the growth of the EDM event and music industry has ballooned past anyone’s expectations. With the inclusion of Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission performing in Scottsdale, you are bound to see a world that hasn’t been seen since your partying forefathers. To get a better taste of our friend, Richard Vission, check out his track he released three years ago with Luciana that has a strong ear to the radio as well as being able to fit into any modern club scene. What makes “PRIMITIVE!” a revolutionary track, is that Vission has apparently been way ahead of the game than some of his more mainstream counterparts. The creatively kitschy video stays true to his raw form of music that matches up great with Bad Boy Bill.

Richard Vission vs Luciana – PRIMITIVE! (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

What to say about our friend Bad Boy Bill? Bad Boy Bill’s sound has a much more “dirty house” sound that combines older techno with some sick rap verses as heard on this hour-long mix from 2015. What you should expect from the combination between Richard Vission and Bad Boy Bill will take the old school sensibilities and hip hop influence that Bill possesses, with the cleaner sound that Vission produces which features more mainstream elements. Seeing these two heavyweights together will definitely bring the best of old and new, and while Bad Boy Bill will bring the techno-dirty side of house, Richard Vission will combine his own sensibilities to create a very captivating setlist.

Bad Boy Bill – Bangin’ The Box Vol. 1 full album

Be sure to catch Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission along with DJ Dan & Donald Glaude on August 20th at Talking Stick Resort, and get schwifty with some time warp action and vinyl-only sets.

Connect With Bad Boy Bill: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Richard Vission: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: AXS, Department Of Dance

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Music After Swedish House Mafia: Sebastian Ingrosso’s Solo Adventures

Most common listeners will frequently lump a musical group as one entity, forgetting that in order to complete that puzzle that makes up the sound of the group, you need those individual contributions to form that as well. Since their Swedish House Mafia split in 2012, Axel “Axwell” Headfors and Sebastian Ingrosso have taken the time to form their own 2014 duo, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, filling the hole left by SHM’s departure with 2014’sSomething New, as well as 2016’s Thinking About You, which updates the original brand of contributions the duo used to contribute to Swedish House Mafia and puts it in the mixing bowl with a effects-heavy laden video combing house and hilarity.

Axwell ^ Ingrosso – Thinking About You

2016 for Sebastian as a solo artist has been noteworthy as well, for his releases of tracks like the “festival version” of “Dark River” which combines a mixture of jungle sounds we haven’t always heard together and make it the perfect track for a live performance with its original riffs that hark back to his place in SHM. Ingrosso’s newer solo work outside of Swedish House Mafia highlights the best parts of his contributions to the group, while simultaneously arguing why he should have his own designation as his own solo artist. His work with Axwell proves to have a unique spin as well, taking some of his more musically complicated works and bringing a more organic sounds of a traditional band to push their newer sound acclimated to the festival scene while still staying true to their own melodic works. Aside from continuing his own musical career, for the past few years, Refune as a record label that has produced faces like Alesso, as well as former member of SHM, Steve Angello providing tracks for the label as well.

Salvatore – Dive Feat Enya & Alex Aris (Ingrosso & Salvatore Remix)

For a good hint of what Ingrosso is on to for 2016, check out his remix he did withSalvatore, as well as the fabled Enya and Alex Aris, Dive. Dive is a house-meets-trance elements that puts intricate melodies upfront and giving Alex Aris’s vocal contributions the impression of a Hayden James-esque chesty delivery that is only matched by the rising and descending drops. While Swedish House Mafia may be in the rear-view mirror for their former members, Sebastian Ingrosso is doing the best he can to make himself a singular, household name again.

Connect With Sebastian Ingrosso: Twitter | Soundcloud

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Have You Seen Meaux Green?

Have you seen Meaux Green in 2016? Aside from possessing an addictively catchy name that begs you to rhyme anything with the color green, this year has not only seen the expansion of trap, but Meaux Green is putting only his most Hip-hop heavy foot forward to show you why his brand of “Rave-Hop” has been long in the making. But trust us when we say, you aren’t going to find the likes of commonly-sampled Gangsta rap with only one lyrical goal: Meaux Green chooses the tracks he remixes and melds into new creations from only the cream of the creative crop. Remixing artists like A$AP Ferg, RiFF RAFF, and a slew of original audio that latches onto the movement of hip hop with very intelligent musical composition. Before you catch him at Gyspy Bar on July 29th, at 9:00 PM in Phoenix, check out his party remix of “Hood So Crazy” which takes Tech N9ne’s original track and gives it the detailed upgrade that only enhances Tech N9ne’s strong personality and musical stylings.

The instrumental as well as the drop to the track midway through laces 2Chainz’s lyrics with a bittersweet percussion roundup that mixes the best of hiphop and those booty-claps we love, but combining trap elements that definitely had thoughts of live performances hidden amongst the writing. His most recent remix in contrast to “Hood So Crazy” is actually a pretty relevant Yo Gotti track, which has taken a life on its own and combines very dirty synth effects that would make even the most expensive speaker rattle. While we may feel that rap is suffering from the “Future” syndrome where everyone seems to take on that similar rap delivery he is famous for, muddled mumbles and all, Meaux Green is changing the fabric by lining these lyrics with masterful production values that make you wonder, where has this guy been?

Luckily, as we all know in the Valley scene, the Trap genre has made its mark on the umbrella of electronic music, but has also given the opportunity for artists like Meaux Green to shine in the light of his contemporaries and paving his own way. Although he is scheduled to play the Gypsy Bar, Meaux Green possesses a sound that could only be heard at best in the biggest stadium you can book. You may get the idea that Green is about “pomp and circumstance” on terms of making big sounds into his production, but they aren’t just empty noise: this “trap hop” artist definitely has the guts and substance to make his mark.

Connect With Meaux Green: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Reach For The “Sky” As Kristina Sky & Betsie Larkin Rock Talking Stick Resort On July 10th

Ever since the dawn of music, poetry, or frankly anyone who has made work and wished not to use their birth name have invented a mononym or nickname of sorts: Diplo, John Wayne, Deadmau5, etc; sometimes the name of an artist will be the first thing to catch your eye depending on its originality. The names Kristina Sky and Betsie Larkin may sound like two girls from your high school days, but judge them not by their name, but the incredible quality that comes out of your speakers. While there may be less female DJs than their male counterparts,  both Kristina Sky and Betsie Larkin offer unique stylings that sets them apart and highlights them both as strong musical individuals.

Starting off with Kristina Sky, this femme fatale focuses her energy on rapid fire trance-induced house hits that mirror a musical AK-47 than anything you’ve heard. One of the best example of her style, Audacious (Melodic Mix) with Orla Feeney released on VANDIT Records (a Paul Van Dyk label), boasts a specific knowledge of not necessarily the melodic riffs we are used to, but focuses her energy on the buildup that eventually leads to a simple, yet dance-worthy breakdown as the song comes to its crescendo.

Kristina Sky creates mixes that have a distinct west-coast feel, which makes her performance on the same bill with Betsie Larkin even more exciting as we listen to the two parallel coasts of the United States will indeed give it the “dueling pianos” effect. Kristina Sky, on her other various live sets tacking her Soundcloud account, reflect how far trance has come and how it is integrating itself into the modern scene. While Audacious is indeed a collaboration, what seems to be one of the new muses in house is paving an asphalt path for her own stardom.

On the other side of the ticket, we have Betsie Larkin, who also boasts large credits from Armin Van Buuren, but hales from the mighty NYC, the opposite coast of our friend, Kristina Sky. Betsie Larkin not only boasts slick skills on the boards, but also possesses a sweet coo of a voice that has dominated clubland hits like her song with Rising Star, Again, remixed by Andrew Rayel. What can confuse anyone who researches her work is, you can’t really pinpoint if she is the singer behind the track, or the one handling production; surprisingly enough, this NYC new heavy-weight handles both the “back of the house” and the “front of the house” with having a knack for adding vocals to her music, yet also providing more than enough interesting sets on her Soundcloud account.

Comparing these two multi-talented vixens would not only be difficult, but could also cause some tension for fans who find certain styles of house and trance dominant over the other (good ole fashioned Hip-Hop coast battles anyone?), but catch these two heavyweights on July 10th, 2016 at the Talking Stick Resort, 11 am, for another successful Release pool party to get you set, get you wet, and get you ready to escape that Arizona heat.

Connect With Kristina Sky: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Betsie Larkin: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Dance Music Symphony Is Classical Music’s Response To EDM

In the past few years, the umbrella-genre of EDM has become incredibly sophisticated from the early days of house, that featured a more simple yet avant garde approach to anything electronic. Many of the features that are available to DJs and producers today have given those who are more musically traditional with their tastes to mix melodies and riffs that wouldn’t normally be found in early techno. As the genre becomes more complicated, older musicmakers like Above and Beyond are experimenting in the marriage between EDM and traditional instrumentation. Swedish composer, Hans Ek, will be crafting an album of purely covers produced by big-time EDM / House artists that have made a splash in the last decade.

While he may not be a big household name on terms of our music tastes here at Relentless Beats, Ek will be “instrumental” in crafting his brand new concept album, “Dance Music Symphony.” DMS is going to feature not only current, popular acts likeCalvin Harris and Skrillex, but also has an appearance from our old friend, Massive Attack. Focusing on electronic works that possess more orchestral stylings, Hans Ek has no word on a release date, but will be performing the tracklisting on July 2nd, 2016 with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic at the Bråvalla Festival.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Dance Music Symphony:

01 Swedish House Mafia: “Greyhound”

02 Ten Walls: “Walking with Elephants”

03 Massive Attack: “Unfinished Sympathy”

04 The Knife: “Silent Shout”

05 Faithless: “Insomnia”

06 The Chemical Brothers: “Galvanize”

07 Ellen Allien & Apparat: “Retina”

08 Skrillex: “First of the Year (Equinox)”

09 Nina Kraviz: “Walking in the Night”

10 Aphex Twin: “#3”

11 Deadmau5: “Strobe”

12 Martin Garrix: “Animals”

13 Calvin Harris, Alesso, Hurts: “Under Control”

14 Avicii: “Levels”

15 Underworld: “Born Slippy (Nuxx)”

16 Energy 52: “Cafe Del Mar”

17 Daft Punk: “Aerodynamic”

As you can see, the selections are pretty diverse compared to the older generation’s perception of the genre. Usually when you expect a covers album from an artist of a different genre, the results can be spotty, since not every artist can fully immerse themselves in a genre that is not theirs in such a short amount of time. Ek will have to impress his crowd, not only of classical loyalists, but electronic fans who have extremely picky and elevated tastes compared to anyone who dedicates their lives to a genre. Although the release date is tentative, keep an eye on Hans Elk, because his cover album is bound to be a unique contribution to the world of music. Changing the complicated melodic riffs from guys like Deadmau5 is going to be an interesting challenge for a composer with a distinct musical background in classical music.

Connect With Hans Ek: Official Website

Sources: Pitchfork, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, Bravalla Festival

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I’m Shmacked’s All Summer 16 Mix Puts Logan Bohbot in the Spotlight

Nothing fascinates readers like a quick success story, or a freefalling tragedy, but what do we make of the artists who are relatively new, but have been quiet? Logan Bohbotentered the scene at a paced rate releasing progressive house remixes that are as audibly pleasing and feature “harder” elements that will please the more trap-orientated crowd. Hailing from NY, NYC, Logan Bohbot has been heavy on the road, bring his sets to various locales in and out of the United States. In a sea of new talent, it is easy to get lost in the waves of music, but Logan Bohbot has been working quietly for years on introspective remixes that aren’t so much about the songs he is remixing, but proves himself in the results he creates. Logan’s remixes, such as #THATPOWER from Will I. Am and Justin Bieber proves to transform a really sugary yet sometimes vapid pop hit into a sleek bass-rocker with all the booty you need. That is to say, no hate on The Biebs or Will.I.Am. of The Black Eyes Peas, but Logan Bohbot’s remix from 2014 could still pass off in today’s climate with its trap influences and progressive house foundation.

So, what’s been up with Logan Bohbot for 2016? Well, as mentioned above, all is quiet over in Team Bohbot. If you have been to any of his 2016 shows, you could say the opposite, for even beyond the valley, Logan’s been making appearances and flaunting his sets. Although you may not see it immediately on his Soundcloud, good things have came for those who wait. Just a month ago, Justin Bohbot released a set/mix he did with I’m Shmacked. Aside from being the party HQ for anything college-related in terms of celebration, I’m Shmacked helped release All Summer Long 16 Featuring Logan Bohbot.

Unlike his other works featured on Soundcloud, Bohbot boasts a 24 minute mix, and while it has been tagged with “#PREGAME,” Logan Bohbot’s mix is far from an appetizer and more like a five-course meal. Unlike his other works which have featured remixes attached to pop vocalists, the beginning of the mix is incredibly rap orientated. Quick lines are brushed along the foundation of the quiet brass in the back as well as the light train-bell percussion that accents the rapper’s diction. What keeps any listener interesting, is that the only thing that seems to follow hip hop conventions are the background brass imitations and beat that aren’t the complete focus of the piece.

By the time eight minute hit, this rollercoaster of a song takes you through a harder drop than you’d expect from his former House work. As the piece progresses, the mix takes a more melodic approach with appearances from modern pop hits as well appearances from Kanye West’s auto-tuned approach from “808’s and Heartbreaks,” as well as mixing the beats he built in the beginning of the mix to make a R+B/Hiphop-tinged crescendo that ends with a triumphant mix resembling the original Chainsmokers hit, “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Although Logan Bohbot’s mix came a little late to our attention, check it out not only for your pregame, but add it to your party mix that pleases the rap crowd as well as the pop crowd. Logan Bohbot is a DJ that should be on your radar for 2016, while over here we pray for some new material to spoil ourselves with.

Connect With Logan Bohbot: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Lil Dicky’s Video For “Molly” Will Give You The Feels

Lil Dicky’s newest music video of “Molly” might be the “hardest pill to swallow” in terms of music video releases this summer. Released on June 9th, 2016, “Molly” featured the layered chorus vocals of Brendon Urie, with a music video containing a narrative that would make any grown man cry at the jump of a hat. At first glance, the video starts off as every wedding-included music video package begins: all of Lil Dicky’s friends are throwing jabs at eachother and pregaming before a party. Although these scenes usually denote that the main character is getting married and marrying someone they don’t want to be with, Lil Dicky’s theme floats with an unrequited love that ended too soon due to his “marriage to rap.”

Lil Dicky – Molly feat. Brendon Urie (Official Video)

It is no joke that we are pretty used to Lil Dicky slinging humorous bars than actually taking us on a deeper level, but songs like the title track of “Professional Rapper” have taken humorous bars and mixed them with a sense of a stern motivation that will make you laugh, but also advise you not to mess with him. He may be a scrawny, privileged kid from the suburbs, but his knack for rhyme and interesting diction has changed the context of conversation vs. song.

“Molly” strips away any precognition of what song had introduced you to Dicky on the way, and paints an emotion we have all felt too well. While you are watching him shoot the shit with his friends, you forget that not only is he not apart of the wedding, he is watching an ex he once loved in the arms of someone else.

What makes the music video is not the story line, and as most music videos go, the imagery is the strongest. Not to say this was directed by Michael Bay, but “Molly” is almost painted to portray that feeling we have all felt: being the only one at the party who isn’t having fun. As guests are enjoying the wedding of their new friend, Lil Dicky is sitting with other unassuming bachelors who are having the time of their lives. Lil Dicky continues to reminisce through the lyrics of the choice he made, and sometimes we feel the same as well.

The human condition is almost incomplete without that feeling of longing for what was, and regret for the choices you made. Although Lil Dicky did find success in rap very recently, Brendon Urie’s chorus and Lil Dicky’s coherent verses reflect, regardless of success, if that long term choice we made was indeed the best one. The emotions felt throughout his lyrics and also the musicality of the video represent the emotions that we don’t always wish we had to face, and the decisions that came to smack us right in the face when we see happiness in a story line of our life that we thought was once paused. Take a hit of “Molly,” and witness a more vulnerable side to Lil Dicky that doesn’t always show.

Connect With Lil Dicky: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Justin Jay Released Part Four of New Album, “Fantastic Voyage”

For Justin Jay, the release of “Fantastic Voyage” has been both an arduous task of tracks being released in “parts,” to fully make a cohesive effort. Although the release of the physical tracks have been sporadic, “Fantastic Voyage” has in no short been fantastic, as well as being a blinking marker for fans who wish to see an artist release tracks at a rate in which you see the progression of the album and why each song has a place on the tracklisting. From the ashes, rising up to the latter part of the album, is the June 16th-released track entitled “Climbing Trees,” featuring Josh Taylor and Benny Bridges. Justin Jay never fails to neglect his “& Friends” portion of the deal, for not only is the album itself scattered with chill guitar riffs and calming vocals, but “Climbing Trees” especially signifies a vibration akin to those moments in life when time has no concept.

“Climbing Trees,” although late in the album, provides a crescendo of simplistic sounds that come together in a menagerie that transcends its tagged genre on Soundcloud as well. Although the track is listed as “Deep House,” the newest track on his full-length release gives a feeling of crescendo to the other tracks and makes what seems like a fractured album into a very cohesive effort. Although his recent efforts are almost 90% house, you can sometimes pick up those tiny moments of techno that bleed through into his sound.

Justin Jay’s “Part Four” of “Fantastic Voyage” proves that the artistic journey he took on this voyage was indeed worth it. It has been quite a bit in waiting, but “Climbing Trees” has just the right amount of “chill” along to balance it with the party; set sail with Justin Jay, and get ready to begin a musical voyage.

Connect With Justin Jay: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Sources: YourEDM

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Hayden James Drops New Single, Just A Lover

Hayden James  is a name that needs no introduction at Relentless Beats; we have heard the ODESZA remix of “Something About You” as well as being his supporting act through their national tour. While we did sit well with the remixes that have been thrown at us, and “Something About You” did quench our thirst for quite awhile, this Sydney, Australia native is lending his smooth and soulful pipes to us again with another house-heavy track, Just A Lover.

Just A Lover – Hayden James

With intermittent piano riffs scattered amongst hearty vocalizations provided by Hayden himself, the style he portrays a very thick and emotional vocal delivery which makes you not even have to guess why ODESZA chose to remix his lead single. Just A Lover follows in perfect order to the refined style of reminiscent club-beats infused with what could be assumed is that chesty tenor delivery that reminds all of us of the very many soul singers in 1990s house music. Just A Lover, although not displaying bubble-gum sweet qualities, doesn’t need to prove its sophistication; Hayden James’s new single boasts an adult contemporary sense of style with memorable backbeats and sweet sounds that just let you enjoy the ride.
Released on June 17th, 2016, Just A Lover is the exact summer jam you need to escape the heat as well as putting his new hit on your “Sexy Time” playlist. Although the days of mainstream soul and R+B are relatively scarce in the 2016 mainstream radio, Hayden James’s soulful croon resonates a sweet finish that wraps the whole production into something extremely fluid and smooth. Just A Lover should quench your thirst until Hayden James makes his next big remix or original track.

Connect With Hayden James: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

SourcesFuture Classic

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KimKat Are Baring Their Claws For 2016

Since their debut in 2012, KimKat has become rather of an anomaly in a world of dance that has based itself on bringing together the fringe minorities of individuals and bringing them together all in the name of PLUR. EDM has almost taken a “rockstar” quality to its brand of artists in making them almost akin to the fame of pop stars and superheroes within the scene as the dance community and EDM genre stretch more into the mainstream. What do we have after this commercial rebirth of the genre? Well, KimKat, actually; unlike many DJs who sport extreme looks and hairstyles behind the boards, Kim Lee originated from the world of modeling, while Katrina “Kat” Nova harks back to her days as a professional Russian swimmer; their promo pictures make you think more of a classy pin-up music video style than anything too “avant guard.”

These two ladies definitely have things to offer, for Kim Lee’s professional modeling and music video career, to Kat Nova’s background in finance, and more audience-relatable activities have given them a life experience that isn’t usually mentioned after well-known DJs/producers hit the big time. Although we haven’t heard any updates from their MTV Asia reality show “What’s Up It’s KimKat” scheduled to air in 2014, we can tell you that these two ladies are taking no prisoners in the summer of 2016 and beyond. Appearance is one of the stronger things that set these two femme fatales apart from their industry, giving some Tyra Banks-style realness that any fabulous diva can aspire to. The world of production and music has always possessed a patriarchal sense of leadership that had disparaged the female experience; “Since 1974, only six women have been nominated for Producer of the Year. How might we inspire more females to explore music making?” Kat George makes a point: and by simply building themselves and their brand involving ceaseless touring in Asia and otherwise, Kim Kat is showing that a man’s world is no problem from two DJs who were originally strong career women.

2016 for KimKat has been relatively quiet due to their busy schedules, but have involved the releases of full-length house mixes, and a few songs, Burnin’ Up, which has proved to be a winner as a hype single. All of their mixes blend strong traditional house elements mixed with melodic and groundshaking drops that round the track off.

On June 25th, 2016 at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, KimKat in the flesh will be performing their set along with R3HAB in a joint performance that is going to burn the house down. Be sure to grab your tickets fast because you won’t want to miss this femme fatale force of nature. Although on terms of releases they have been relatively quiet, listening to their house mixes can give you the clue that they aren’t taking any prisoners with their U.S. tour.

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ZHU drops “Generationwhy” In Anticipation of Full-Length, Debut Album

Since “Faded” hit number 12 on the U.S. Dance Charts in 2014, Chinese-American producer ZHU has been dropping hits toward his house debut album entitled Generation Why. EPs and promo singles have scattered his career since 2014, but Generation Why will mark the first cohesive and full-length effort that will bridge all of the “moxy” he has been saving up to give us the good stuff. With his album on the way, ZHU premiered “In The Morning,” with quite an unsettlingly pleasurable video that layered house beats and obscure indie sounds with visuals that would rival an introduction to biology and the microscope.

ZHU – In The Morning

On June 13th, 2016, ZHU revealed another hint to what would be the full-length effort of his first album. While his album is not facing release until around July 29th, 2016, Generationwhy was released to give us the smackdown of what a title track should be. Generationwhy follows en suite what ZHU is wanting to accomplish: to cement himself as a very transient house artist that incorporates worldwide sounds into a cohesive effort. Generationwhy is a good indicator of what to expect on the Generation Why album, for possessing very latin beat-elements mixed with a catchy guitar riff boasts simplicity, but reveals that sometimes less is more.

The simplicity of Generationwhy shouldn’t be perceived as “simple,” from a production sense, for ZHU takes a large amount of sounds and manages to combine them into one melody, with only a haunting guitar riff to punctuate certain changes in the music. While less is indeed more, sometimes crafting a more simplistic song with a punch requires more time and effort to get the desired effect out of a song that captures the audiences attention, and gets the job done. Generationwhy is a track that is not only a good followup to “In The Morning,” but also takes great strides in being an effective title track. Although not always true, sometimes the title track can be the most important “indicator” of what vibes are flowing for an album, and Generation Why’s presumed title track makes no secret that this album is going to be a house journey. Be sure to grab ZHU’s new album, Generation Why on July 29th, 2016.

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GAZZO & Sugarwhiskey debut Matt & Kim cover, “Daylight”

GAZZO and Sugarwhiskey appeared on all our feeds once again two days ago when they dropped their Matt & Kim cover of “Daylight.” While it could have been super simple to cover one of Matt & Kim’s more recent hits for exposure, GAZZO took the high road and took us all back when Matt & Kim where just releasing their sophomore album, “Grand.” On this track, it’s not a surprise that we find a lot of the indie-pop stylings of yesteryear intact, but this cover showcases more than your average karaoke-cover effort: GAZZO and Sugarwhiskey’s brand new “cover” shows that they are willing to push the buttons of the industry by diving deeper into the composition and implementing their musical knowledge.

It is no secret that GAZZO has provided a “cover” for us in the past last time we caught up with him, but “covering” something in the world of EDM is surely a more recent concept than the idea of the “remix.” By providing a cover of the song, GAZZO is reworking the song to make it his own, and also incorporating the naturally harmonized efforts of Sugarwhiskey to give it the update it needs;

And an update it got, for “Daylight” is a complete EDM rework that keeps the spirit of the original with an acoustic guitar riff as well as Indie percussion elements, but contains a sweet-as-pie eastern-influenced drop that reminds us this isn’t 2009 anymore. As from the last cover we tuned into GAZZO for, the musical ear he possesses as a producer goes deeper than a typical button-masher in the industry, and shows a very intricate knowledge of catchy riffs, yet not sacrificing the spirit of the track he is working on. It is no secret that one can learn the ins-and-outs of a program used for musical production, but it takes someone who is passionate about their art to produce a song that transfers a sort of emotion to its listener.

“Daylight” is definitely here to also cement the relationship between GAZZO and Sugarwhiskey, for both of them prove to have a chemistry that does not overpower one or the other. Check out GAZZO & Sugarwhiskey’s new cover of “Daylight,” and ride the hype-train with these two artists into the sunset.

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Dennis Cruz’s “New Life” Goes to #1 On Beatport

Since 2010, Dennis Cruz has been on the rise to becoming a prolific figure in a genre that is making its trudge into the mainstream. Coming from Madrid, Spain, Cruz has been mixing the genre of techno, as well as being nominated for “Best Tech-House Spanish Artist” as well as “Best Male Spanish Artist” at the 2015 Vicious Music Awards, hosted by Corona, which showcases EDM artists and musical talent in Spain. At the end of May, Dennis Cruz’s new single, “New Life,” features an infectious techno backbeat matched with the sultry vocals of Nina Simone, reached number one on Beatport.

For those less keen on classic pop standards, Dennis Cruz’s inclusion of Nina Simone on a modern techno track indeed isn’t a new concept, but provides an added depth to the throbbing beats featured in the track. Nina Simone, almost growing to an obscure musical position and only being recognized for her extreme 60s activism shows his close attention to other genres outside of his own. Staying strong at the #1 position on Beatport, Dennis Cruz’s brand is starting to expand to the United States and European house communities as techno is starting to make a rise again in the genre of EDM as more house artists are starting to incorporate a classic techno backbone to their stylings.

As part of his SNATCHOFF031 E.P. on Soundcloud, Dennis Cruz’s other tracks that team up with New Life feature more Madrid sounds than New Life provides. New Life is a track that will pique interest due to its stylings, but at the same time, does not challenge the status quo providing a good balance of appealing to the mainstream, yet not failing to have grasping production. Upon first listen, you may think you’re witnessing run-of-the-mill techno, but New Life, as well as the other tracks featured on the E.P. contain odd vocal samples that are not only political, but derive from more tribal elements that definite strike up the word, “jungle.” Keep an eye on Dennis Cruz, because this tech-house maven from Spain has no plans of stopping.

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Sources: Award Nomination Announcement

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Paul Oakenfold Takes Off With BRKLYN & Amba Shepherd

In the past few years, the genre that Paul Oakenfold saw when he first started crafting house beats vary greatly from the immense amount of new talent we have in EDM. While Paul Oakenfold may bring up memories of his past remixes and musical landmarks, 2016 is going to be a summer of bangers as the sultry and feathery-light vocals of Amba Shepherd, Australian singer-songwriter, as well as BRKLYN, a duo which features recent Los Angeles-based progressive house producers that come together in an explosion of musical experience. While Paul Oakenfold’s extensive knowledge of older house combined with the new trends set by his other coworkers in the song, come together to create an oddly diverse and melodic track unlike most of the current time.

The contributions that BRKLYN bring forward reflect a background in live instrumentation, as well as guaranteeing the songs live playability as well as not suffering from the syndrome of “too many cooks in the kitchen.” With just enough of that moxy and chemical X, Paul Oakenfold and friends have successfully engineered one of the catchiest house songs coming out in time for the beach. “U ARE” is the first installation and lead single of Oakenfold’s upcoming album, PopKiller, as well as BRKLYN flexing their guns as well with their bangers, “Steal Your Heart” and “Can’t Get Enough.” Amba Shepherd’s vocals and natural-born talent shine through the instrumentals, featuring lyrics and chord progressions that don’t challenge or throw off the rest of the production. The “just right” mixture of the song satisfies your need for something unique production-wise, but still is catchy enough to blast through the charts.

Be sure to grab a copy of PopKiller later this year as well as keep on the lookout for releases from BRKLYN and Amba Shepherd as “U ARE” showcases all the best bits.

Connect With Paul Oakenfold: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With BRKLYN: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Take In All The Beauty Of The 2016 “Life Is Beautiful” Music and Art Fest Lineup

It looks like there’s all more the reason for all of us to be Vegas-bound this upcoming fall after the temperatures cool down. Running since 2013, the Life Is Beautiful Music and Art Festival, located in Downtown Las Vegas on September 23rd throughout the 25th, will be featuring some today’s biggest mainstream acts as well as surprises that will make your jimmies rustled like never before. With the lineup fresh off the cutting-room floor and finally released, we now have something to look forward to in AZ as the season changes pace. The Life Is Beautiful Music Festival wishes to reinforce the ideals of unity, diversity, and the union of humanity as a reason to not only showcase the local culture of Las Vegas (after all, it is an art AND music festival), but bring together a hodge-podge of only the greatest musicians to Downtown Las Vegas. With artists like Mumford and Sons, Major Lazer, Chromeo, Dirty Heads, Gramatik, Keys N Krates, G-EAZY, Die Antwoord, Snails, Jane’s Addiction, and many more commas to add to the list, even if you might not be vibing with our friends like Mumford or The Shins, there’s plenty of artists not only coming from the world of EDM, but also reinforcing the mantra of diversity through music. If you don’t believe us from the artists already named, check the full lineup below to get the full who’s who:


Although historically fresh, the Life Is Beautiful Art and Music fest is following in larger festival footsteps by bringing together not only artists of one genre, but by bringing individuals of all different backgrounds together for one goal: to blow the roof off of Downtown Las Vegas. The early-bird tickets may be sold out, but stay tuned to the box office and the website news to stay on top of ticket news so you won’t be your only friend not going to what is shaping up to me one of the closers of Summer, but the gateway to the fall.

Life Is Beautiful 2015 Recap

With as many artists jampacked into one festival, don’t fret if you don’t get the chance to see them all – the beauty of a large festival is choosing your own adventure and making your own unique experience. The doors will be opening at 2 PM, and closing at 1 AM. Ticket information can be found through TicketFly as general admission, but if you don’t mind breaking the bank for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the V.I.P. experience will be featuring a lounge area to rest your booty, vendors exclusive to your V.I.P. status on terms of food and drink, and express V.I.P. lanes at the entrance to the fest to make you feel like you’re at Disney Land. Let’s not forget the most sellable argument: “private air-conditioned flushable restrooms with attendants.”


Check out the Life Is Beautiful Festival from September 23rd through the 25th in Downtown Las Vegas, and plan your day well, because you are definitely going to have to make some difficult choices on who to see. As for us at RB, we were sold on the V.I.P. flushable air-conditioned bathrooms.

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Binary Hertz Smacks Us In The Face With Their Hot New Track, “Into The Night,” Plus Details On Upcoming Releases

Binary Hertz has been on our radar for a quite a bit since their fresh performance at The Pressroom in Phoenix when Infected Mushroom gave them the opening slot; not to mention, we at RB had the awesome opportunity to interview these two musical mavens coming together from different musical backgrounds to reshape what we call EDM. In the interview, while we did discuss their past work and remixes they have provided on their Soundcloud, Jeremy Bruce Lee Miller and Matty Spangler have been busy at the boards and utilizing everything they know musically.


While our two dudes have been quiet with any mention of upcoming work on the press, we at Relentless Beats are going to examine their loudest track now available at most major online streaming websites (Amazon Prime, Soundcloud, etc) as of a couple of days ago. Fresh off the hard drive, “Into The Night” not only features interesting percussion elements throughout the song, but has our favorite high-frequency synths that make the track somewhat of an enigma – having the “greatest hits” of current EDM, but laced with some heavy creative innovation in the drops. Then again, do not consider the word “Greatest Hits” as stale production, for they seemed to have struck gold on maintaining a sound that would appeal to the general audience, yet retaining the spirit and vision of their artistry.

“Into The Night” is a clever instrumental menagerie with no vocals in sight; even if you feel that it is difficult to you to listen to vocals-non-grata in your catalog, BH makes enough interesting twists that create the metaphorical “icing on the cake” as the song progresses. In the first two minutes, you aren’t treated to anything too extreme, but by the time the track hits the five minute mark, you know you’re in for a psychedelic journey. “Into The Night” could be the breakout single and leverage BH needs to succeed in their market, and we can only give our best guess that the level of creativity will be high.


We are also very happy to announce that – coming straight from the Binary Hertz Team themselves to our publication, that BH are currently in the works to develop a double EP, with the running title as “Mei Day / She Was 1989.” Planning a release for the end of summer, fans should look forward to artistically charged beats with delicious drops, and even slinging sick vocal hooks on original tracks. So far, no songs have been released or leaked by major outlets, but more should arrive in coming months. Be sure to check out “Into The Night” here, and on almost all major streaming/retailing sites, and turn up the heat this summer with Binary Hertz.

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Sources: WALB 

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Krewella Drops First Full-Length EP In Three Years

Maybe the last time you heard a Krewella track was from their last EP three years ago or their debut album in 2013, but it was a surprise for all when on May 20th, 2016 that Krewella, with the absence of Kris “Rain Man” Trindl who departed from the group in 2014, dropped Ammunition. The EP boasts a modernized direction from the remaining duo, and is bound to cement them into public memory. One of the most interesting developments is that although the EP focuses on both the sisters’ vocals having different modulations and effects, their vocals have a much more punk and rougher presence than on their former work.

While on their debut and former EPs they could get away with production techniques similar to other female vocalists in the world of EDM, this new way of vocal styling for the ladies highlights the rougher side of their delivery and giving a “take what you get” kind of aggression they put behind the lyrics. Tracks like “Surrender The Throne” give a more organic feel to the production as vocal ranges are tested, but the presence of the acoustic guitar doesn’t get in the way of the synth line near the latter part of the track.


This styling is also featured and scattered throughout the album: “Beggars” features producer, Diskord, and is the perfect hard-hitting album or EP opener, where profanity is definitely not the issue. Krewella’s new direction focuses heavily on comprising the introduction of traditional rock band instruments into dance music, but also showing a deeper aggression and ambition that wasn’t featured in the early parts of their career. Creativity is the key word in listening to this six track banger, and the sights are definitely set in an ever-changing genre.

Krewella – Surrender The Throne (Audio)

Although their trio has been reduced to a duo, this E.P. is a signifier in regaining the audience that might have lost touch in their three year absence. The market has seen many artists come and go into the scene, but Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf wish to make their return nothing but a triumph. Check out the E.P. on most streaming websites like Spotify and pack some heat with “Ammunition.”

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Sources: YourEDM

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Manila Killa Debuts Original Single “All That’s Left” w/ Joni Fatora

Manila Killa’s opening line featured in his biography on Facebook reads: “I attempt to make music to make you feel things.” That cannot be a truer anecdote into the artist who has gained traction and attention from Billboard magazine with the release of his debut original single with vocalist Joni Fatora. While both names may not ring a familiar tune to your ears, both Killa and Fatora bring a chill, modern approach to the production of percussion, and an ambient tone set by Joni’s light vocals. The featured vocals may not be what some may call innovative, but each bell and whistle of the song adds a piece to the puzzle that makes it complete – in this case, Joni Fatora’s cool vocals being absent would take away from that windy-beach feeling you get when you’re on vacation.

With the May 2016 release of his debut single, it wouldn’t hurt to even take a look back at his not-so-distant remixing days. Listening to Manila Killa’s remix of Bearson’s “Pink Medicine” invokes the same style of production that Killa is going for in his lead single; sometimes an instrumental riff can speak louder than words, and in this case, the above anecdote offered in his Facebook biography has never rung so true for his unique brand of ambient production that could played at a weekday in the club or even just a kickback. Manila Killa’s style is hot in the coolest form, so keep a look out on this Manila, Philippines-turned USA DJ, because he is guaranteed to be making a sooner splash than you think.

Connect With Manila KillaFacebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Joni FatoraFacebook | Website | Twitter  | Soundcloud

Sources: BillboardNest HQ

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Adult Swim Celebrates Synthesizer History In Hilariously Fitting Fashion

For those of us who have been alive since the early 90s, or those of you who have proudly called yourself a “90s kid,” Adult Swim has impacted our late night viewing habits since its induction into the network lineup on September 2nd, 2001. For many of us who were children at the time, and under the rule of helicopter parents who dictated what we could watch on the boob tube, Adult Swim was our only outlet for shows that had swears like “hell,” “shit,” and naughty bits that gave suburban kids that rush any time you viewed something you knew one of your parents might cringe at. Luckily in the past few years, Adult Swim and many other television networks have been a part of a sort of renaissance that has given us high quality programming like Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and even cartoons like Family Guy and South Park that are more concerned with sending a political message of the moment to its viewers and making them think, instead of the concerns of the past, who seek to fill a slot for thirty minutes with “brain junk food.”

Live at the Necropolis: Lord of Synth | Adult Swim

Of course many can argue that “brain junk food” still exists in television form, Adult Swim has grown up with us, and nothing gives us that warm feeling inside than their newest post of a video that went online on May 5th, 2016. What better way to tickle our nostalgia bone than a totally 80s-fied video that mocks not only the creators of the synth, but reminds us where EDM and the art of the synthesizer came from. With an idea of the budget being unreleased, Adult Swim managed to create a parody of the synthesizer and EDM by including every single 80s-cliché that we have experienced ever since the 90s could look back on the 80s.

Grainy footage, VHS tape-lines, and even that classic delay of footage that would show news anchors and judges awkwardly staring waiting for their feed to start. Only armed with network funding and the grace of having creators older than their targeted late-night teenage and young-adult audience, the actors poke fun at re-imagined names of Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, and even a very androgynous impersonation of what seems to be Wendy Carlos, all participating in what is called “Live At The Necropolis, Lords Of Synth.” At this point in our pseudo-80s timeline, the early 80s were giving way way to the implementation of the synthesizer which then became a stable in music, due to its cheap investment of not needing to hire a full-piece orchestra, and the above names were some of music’s brightest composers who engineered the instrument in the late 70s to what we hear in music today.

While not so much parodying the composers themselves, all of the composers are painted as overzealous beatniks who refuse to look at their work anything less than a gold-tinged masterpiece, along with small anecdotes about their personal life scattered throughout. In a small ten minute plot of monotonous banter between co-hosts of the impending doom of Halley’s Comet (with a surprise appearance of a portrayed Gerald Ford) the composers must put their musical differences aside to develop only the best early 80s symphony of synths. Behind the gloss of funny nostalgia, it is impossible to avoid the satire: the mention of a new “creative” drug as one of the composers drinks a vial, and is noted of having a “bleeding pink ear,” and even mentions of the classic red telephone and unknown celebrities that were once known and only remembered culturally for a short time.

This is no doubt in reference to the very sensitive fringe topic of drugs in EDM music (with it only being mentioned once), and a nod to how short our public’s memory is in the current swing of pop culture. This 80s video is not so much a nostalgic trip that triggers the words, “remember when,” but takes a jab at the absurdity of 80s culture while giving a nod to the birth of a genre that took twenty years in the making.

Definitely catch this video for some comedy that’s not only insightful, but laugh-at-loud on how spot on they are analyzing electronic music and the birth of the synth.

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Spinnin’ Records Previews Lucas and Steve’s “Can’t Get Enough”

Amsterdam has had no shortage of talented artists churning out the brightest hits, as we come to the middle of our 2016 journey in music. After the hype of their recent hit single, “Make It Right,” Dutch duo Lucas de Wert and Steve Jansen are making splashes again, for on May 2nd, 2016, Spinnin’ Records released an exclusive preview through Soundcloud as well as their webpage, entitled “Can’t Get Enough.” Although you’ve probably heard something synonymous in EDM with their catchy title, Lucas and Steve are bringing their specialty in high-frequency riffs to give you what house is supposed to be in 2016. While these recent house-newcomers may be from the same city some of our other favorite acts our from, do not mistake them for “run of the mill.”

Although “Can’t Get Enough” may be facing a May 23rd release, check out the sweetest beats from their aforementioned, “Make It Right,” which features a cool and smooth synth riff that rips over the treble-y backbeat that threatens to invade your summer with something that carries the party, but gives you a nice break from those trap beats that are starting to infiltrate our summer playlists. Even in their music video, it’s obvious that the American sensibilities of humor are not foreign to these guys, channeling Fat Boy Slim in a very found-footage-esque view of Hollywood, incorporating geeky dance moves.

While we all wait in anticipation to see if “Can’t Get Enough” is going to have a sick music video as well, it seems the 23rd can’t come soon enough when the full track drops. For this summer’s slew of recent house tracks, Lucas & Steve are not the only two Dutch guys you should be keeping an eye on.

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Sources: Spinnin’ Records

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Fool’s Gold Records Debuts the UZ Remix of Alvin Risk’s Beastmode, w/ Hodgy Beats

Coming in like a Kansas tornado invading the sanctity of a run-down trailer park, the newly released “UZ” Remix of Alvin Risk’s Beastmode packs just enough punch to get everyone feeling the hype. Aside from already-mysterious narrative from the ever-popular “UZ” who has invaded our speakers with sick remixes and a fresh approach to what we know as trap, Fool’s Gold records released the introductory remix of what could be a very sensual electronic romance with record-label newcomer, Alvin Risk. Hailing from Washington, D.C., Alvin Risk had been making splashes in the underground with releases under the drum-and-bass moniker, Corrupt Souls, but also floating into projects involving the creative collective, OWSLA, founded by Skrillex and friends. Although Marcio Alvarado did release a series of E.P.s originally unsigned, eventually culminating to his work with OWSLA and a one-off work on Ultra Records, and even a full-length album under his former solo name (2008’s My Lightyear under the name, Telemetrick). From this information, we can definitely assess that Alvin Risk definitely should not be acknowledged as a beginner, but a seasoned voice bringing a fresh mix of EDM salad to what he has already built on.

Starting the track with a “Beastmode” mantra, the track quickly goes into only the hard-hitting, syllable-ripping rap you would expect with Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats, who should have more mainstream recognition than he receives. With the mix of Hodgy Beat’s rap, and UZ’s trap-related contributions, the track is transported into a journey of firm trap beats under an incredibly solid rap that doesn’t fall into the “trap” of the piece’s rap getting lost in the production.


With Alvin Risk now under one of the stronger labels in the EDM world that have been seen as “innovators” of their field, expect many trap-influenced tracks with strong drops and a cohesive knowledge of incorporating only the best raps in one’s song. Make your approaching summer a little bit more “Beastmode,” and show that Arizona heat who’s boss!

Connect With Alvin Risk: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Hodgy Beats: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With UZ: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: Fools Gold Records

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Enrico Sangiuliano and Secret Cinema Add a Techno Splash To SQL’s “Obstacles” Remix

The career of Italian Enrico Sangiuliano, a self-proclaimed producer, performer, and sound designer has had more than enough of an uphill battle crafting his “dangerous” house-infused flangy beats and getting them to the public. After all, starting his career in 2003, he had already experienced some of what he calls “illegal raves” in his biography, relating to strict event laws on the Italian peninsula. Regardless of the musical climate in his home-country, Enrico has been making splashes around Europe since the early 2000s, and i this climate, there is no better time for his latest drop. Being released on the hype of his Beatport #1 track spot for his piece, “X Pollination (Original Mix),” Sangiuliano has everybody on their toes with his newest remix with teammate Secret Cinema, “Obstacles,” originally a track by SQL, newcomer fellow artist.

“Obstacles” is no average mix, for it makes no introduction or overture into telling you what Enrico is about: Loud bass, dark noise and a blaring synth put to the front of the track instead of relegating to the back-melody. Definitely not made for head phones, this is a very cocky track that is almost as rough around the edges as it is polished. Why no headphones you say? Well, a track that follows such large and loud grandiose production can only be heard best when you want to annoy the guy next to you in traffic, boost your bass, and show him why you spent your whole paycheck on that Kicker Subwoofer.


Coming straight off of SQL’s “Obstacles EP,” this remix is the flagship of the four tracks featured which all blend techno into an entrapment of jungle vibes, although not as prevalent on the main remix. It is no secret that Enrico Sangiuliano is looking to make a big techno-clapped smash riding off his current success, and even as an artist who has been around the game for quite a while, he is still aiming to keep the spirit of original techno alive. Creating this web of hybrid sounds, Enrico Sangiuliano with his latest remix, and hopefully his future work, will include him putting techno influences in the forefront, while being supported by modern production trends. Enrico Sangiuliano, SQL, and Secret Cinema are definitely artists you should keep on your radar next time you want a sick techno-infused track with no gimmicks.

Connect with Enrico Sangiuliano: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Secret Cinema: Facebook |Soundcloud

Connect With SQL: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: Beatport

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RB Weekend Preview: Infected Mushroom, Lil Dicky, Wet Electric, Oh My!

The weekend from the 29th to the 1st is going to be one for the ages – a pool party, a couple of gigs at Shady Park, Infected Mushroom, and even something going down in the “Dirty T.” Thinking of making it to all of them? Well, this weekend it looks like you’ll have to choose your battles, because Arizona is about be lit all over the map:

CVII Animatronica Live Tour W/ Infected Mushroom & Binary Hertz (4/29)

Things are about to get trippy on April 29th when oddballs of EDM, Infected Mushroom comes to party at the good ol’ Pressroom with Binary Hertz opening for them. With both artists being seasoned pioneers of their genre, this is show you will not want to miss for its insane visuals (the namesake of Infected Mushroom), and both artists’ close ear to the trends and innovations that EDM has faced over the last decade. The show begins at 9 PM, and be sure to check the track below to get a little taste of what the kings of this year’s CVII Animatronica Live Tour is all about.

Wet Electric 2016 w/ Dada Life, 3LAU, Bro Safari, Destructo, and Wiwek (4/30)


Looking to cool off after sweating off the booze and smelling Speedstick under every guy’s armpit at The Pressroom? Look no further: Big Surf in Tempe will be hosting Wet Electric 2016 on April 30th, which features fan favorites likes Bro Safari, Dada Life, Destructo, Wiwek, and 3Lau bringing their best bumping pool-party tunes and all bringing something unique to the table!

Need a little eclectic boost in your musical life? Bro Safari and Wiwek will be delivering only the sickest trap-influenced and jungle beats that never fail to make white girls embarrass themselves. If “Snap” is any indication of what to expect, Bro Safari is definitely not messing around. Meanwhile, after dropping his latest EP including the monster track “Killa” with Skrillex, Wiwek is guaranteed to make the savage within emerge.

On the other hand, we have the Swedish duo known as Dada Life, who have no intention of the party resting or stopping: their music is raw, dance ready, and don’t want anything more for you to get down and dirty. Don’t forget about our guy 3Lau with his melodic take on house that is bound to have you attached to Shazam and make that beer that you have in your hand so much cooler.

And finally you have Destructo who will be headlining the RB Deep Stage with a very special 2 hour long set. More on Destructo a bit further down. Beginning at 11 AM, this is gonna be one long party!

Fantastic Voyage Tour W/ Justin Jay (4/30)


Feeling a little agoraphobic? Fear not, for Justin Jay is taking his Fantastic Voyage Tour on April 30th to the quaint and quite recent Bar/Beer-Garden/Pizza joint that is already becoming the hot new spot for DJs coming to Tempe. Justin Jay will be chock-full of his latest creations which border on a sound between that “chill” kickback vibe, mixed with many “Aha!” moments that change many typical genre norms into this plethora of organic instruments melded behind relaxed beats. Justin Jay will be flying in on his Fantastic Voyage to Shady Park in Tempe, at 9:00 PM. Feeling a little claustrophobic? Get over it and have a drink!

Life In Color Kingdom w/ Zeds Dead & Lil Dicky (4/30)


Remember that part of Arizona that used to be a capital, and is on the other side of barren and killer desert that is almost impossible to traverse as a human being in the summer? We remember you, Tucson, and this time we are bringing flowers and chocolates in EDM form to make up for the lost times we can’t get back. What better present to give to you and make up for all those harsh things we said over text than the Life In Color Kingdom?

This gig, which is going down at The SlaughterHouse on April 30th at 7 PM, is bound to make your friends in the Valley wish they were down there partying with you. Yeah, your friends may be partying to Dada Life and Bro Safari, but Zeds Dead is about to go full Pulp Fiction on your ass before you have any time to react. Punched with sick raps, and quick dark synths and sounds, Zeds Dead won’t be the only rap influence you hear that night. I mean, come on, “bruh,” Lil Dicky is going to be bringing the hardcore suburban raps that, if you haven’t heard, your FOMO is entirely on point: collaborating with artists like Snoop, Lil Dicky is definitely going to be one of your highlights of the night.

Stafford Brothers (5/01)


Oh God, it’s Sunday; You have been probably partying for most, if not all of the weekend, and if you are still alive, that hangover you have is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” bookyou wished you never picked up. Luckily for you, we at RB know how you feel! The Stafford Brothers at 11 AM will be headlining a Talking Stick Resort Pool Party on May 1st, getting crunk with that 21-and-up swag, featuring their dark, quick drops, and songs like “Carne Asada” that will of course subdue that hangover with a good pool-side margarita. Be safe, drink responsibly, and if you didn’t shower before getting in, at least the pool is chlorinated. Honestly, whoever names one of their tracks Carne Asada is definitely a friend of ours.

Wet Electric Recovery Party w/ Destructo (5/1)


If you are a little too waterlogged for pool-side shenanigans, why don’t you mosey on down back to Shady Park, and nurse those Vietnam flashbacks with some friendly afternoon synths; so cool to the touch, yet drops so clean. While this afterparty definitely won’t help your Monday be productive, at least the bar will be plentiful and the beats solid. Check out Destructo and end the weekend properly at 11 AM, Shady Park, and nurse that hangover with more drinks of course.

Grab your tickets fast before the end of the week, and your mom told me to tell you to drink A LOT of water.

Connect With Infected Mushroom: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Binary Hertz: Facebook | Official Website | Soundcloud

Connect With DaDa Life: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Bro Safari: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Logan Bohbot: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Zeds Dead: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Lil’ Dicky: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Justin Jay: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 

Connect With 3Lau: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Stafford Brothers: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Destructo: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Katy B Gears Up For Star-Studded April 29th Album Release Of “Honey”

For the last two years, Katy B has been part of the movement of female soprano vocalists who sing in that sugary-pop tone but put their work behind DJs and producers from inside and outside the dance and EDM world to fully flesh out the track and give it substance. It is no question that Katy B and her cohorts could be compared to famous collections of singer-songwriters huddled under respective producers over the past few decades (a la Phil Spector or Clive Davis) who accessed a trend, packaged it for the mainstream, and produced a collection of artists almost over night who follow certain parameters and make their brand fit like a puzzle piece to whatever genre they are trying to tap in to.

In Katy B’s case, it is going to be an entirely uphill battle to differentiate her from other popular female vocalists in 2016 that have latched themselves onto anything with a beat. While their names may sometimes be forgettable, Katy B is a representation of a segment of her genre that are forced to make themselves noticed in a music market that is becoming incredibly over-saturated with new talent.

Katy B, while releasing her first album in 2011 (On A Mission) and second in 2014 (Little Red), both albums were released to acclaim due to her “subtle, mature, electronic pop” sound that hasn’t made waves in innovation, but has steadily evolved with the current sounds of EDM and has kept her ear with the trends. It was announce in January that on April 29th, 2016, Katy B will be returning for her third full-length album in the prime of EDM, Honey, which will feature a slew of DJ and Producer brand-names that the United States has come to love; with names like Major Lazer, Kaytranada, and Wilkinson, our lady from across the pond will be attempting to connect a little more with her North American counterparts.  “I see the album as a multi-genre rave,” or so she described in a piece from DIY Mag; “Honey” is on its way to be the next club banger of 2016, not only in her home of the United Kingdom, but be sure to give our girl Katy B some good ol’ fashioned USA appreciation on April 29th when her album is slated to be released.

1. Katy B, x KAYTRANADA — ‘Honey’
2. Katy B x Major Lazer x Craig David — ‘Who Am I’
3. Katy B x Wilkinson x Stamina MC — ‘So Far Away’
4. Katy B x Sasha Keable x JD. Reid — ‘Chase Me’
5. Katy B x The HeavyTrackerz x J Hus x D Double E — ‘Lose Your Head’
6. Katy B x Chris Lorenzo — ‘I Wanna Be’
7. Katy B x Four Tet x Floating Points — ‘Calm Down’
8. Katy B x Mr. Mitch — ‘Heavy’
9. KDA ft Katy B – ‘Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)’
10. Katy B x Jamie Jones x Kate Simko — ‘Dark Delirium’
11. Katy B x MssingNo x Geeneus — ‘Water Rising’
12. Katy B x Hannah Wants — ‘Dreamers’
13. Katy B x Novelist x Geeneus— ‘Honey (Outro)’

Connect With Katy B: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: The Independent, Idolater, DIY Mag

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Spinnin’ Records Offers Free Download Of Bougenvilla’s “Sunshower”

On April 1st, 2016, Spinnin’ Records released an announcement that Dutch groupBougenvilla will be featuring a free download of their track, “Sunshower,” for the next two weeks as of that date. Bougenvilla (the band, not the plant) features two newcomers to the scene comprised of 23-year-old Shefida and 21-year-old Jeremy. Although they have been gaining a steady stream of followers on their Facebook and Soundcloud, this Dutch duo from Rotterdam has yet to make a splash overseas in the United States. Describing their self-styled melodies as “House, Future house, UK, Electronic dance music,” two different individuals audibly come together to make a hodgepodge of melodic masterpieces, with both Shefida and Jeremy displaying their unique differences of each other’s tastes, but also keeping their ideas in an listenable format that reminds us why they are a duo.

“Sunshower” is not a free download you should pass up, for although sometimes free non-album tracks can come off as experimental or schmaltzy, Bougenvilla’s track gets you straight in the face with a hook-shot of a track that fuses melodic rips with a calming drop that actually doesn’t appear to be as ‘in-your-face’ as the melody might seem. It is obvious that a lot of the Dutch duo’s work goes into developing a catchy melody as a foundation, with an incredible grasp of production at such an early stage in their career that makes it feel like you’re listening to a symphony of plastic sounds. Just like our other Dutch friends, Firebeatz, Bougenvilla sounds like they are going to have the ride of their lives as Netherlands-influenced acts seem to be thriving.

Be sure to get your free download from the official Spinnin’ Records website before time runs out!

Connect With Bougenvilla: FacebookOfficial WebsiteSoundcloud

Sources:  Spinnin’ RecordsImage Source

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Ellie Goulding Confirms New Calvin Harris Collaboration Is In the Works via Interview with The Guardian

Ellie Goulding has been a peculiar Indie-pop crooner and sensation that has not only taken the pop world by storm with her unique style of strained and throaty female soprano, but has also taken the full dive into EDM by collaborating with present heavyweights such as Calvin Harris, DJ Fresh, and Major Lazer. Even with her more recent releases, Ellie has displayed a change in her music going from traditional singer-songwriter style to having more electro-pop values mixed in with it to keep up with the times. Almost creating a phenomenon with her vocal style, various female artists likeBebe Rexha and Alessia Cara have also achieved pop success with presenting their music in a similar husky, yet undeniably soprano style that has been the sound of the moment in both pop and EDM.


On the 31st of March, 2016, The Guardian released an interview with Ellie Goulding revealing not only her more personal side, but revelations of a future Calvin Harris / Ellie Goulding future collab. While the interview was trying to pry information about the track from her, all she could reveal was that “it also features a male singer who isn’t Justin Bieber. That’s all you’re getting.” Ellie is definitely keeping herself quiet for this upcoming release, but you have heard from the horse’s mouth: there will be another Calvin Harris / Ellie Goulding masterpiece (hopefully).

The only advice we can give you is to stay vigilant on YouTube, and definitely keep your eyes peeled for a leak as the coming months stretch on into the summer. For all we know, this might not even be a single, but wouldn’t you think it to be foolish if Ellie Goulding wasn’t put on a mass-release banger this summer? 2016 is already shaping out to be a whirlwind of a year in both music and world news, but I’m sure fans would be livid if a new Calvin Harris / Ellie Goulding piece wasn’t released worldwide commercially.

Connect With Ellie Goulding: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: The Guardian, Billboard

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Alesso’s “Anthem” Might Reflect The What Is To Come With His Upcoming Releases

With Alesso’s notorious 2015 success with “Heroes (We Could Be)” as well as the release of his debut full-length album, Forever, it is only natural to wonder what is next for the fast rising EDM maven. It was announced in November of 2015 that Alesso would bereleasing new music, merch, and touring less to give the fans what they want; and as we all know, what we want is definitely some new hits. “Anthem,” also released in 2015, is currently the only sign from Alesso on the EDM playground, and while it definitely isn’t a disappointment, it seems that the touring life has kept Alesso busy enough to keep “Anthem” as our only idea and head-scratcher that will give fans hints of what to expect.

Approaching the month of April, this fact may be disconcerting to the audiences who just want more, but Alesso, like everyone else is a human being. We at Relentless Beats could give our best journalistic guess in thinking he’s probably pretty exhausted with everything that has kept him busy in the past year. In hope for the future of his music catalog, all we can do at the moment is speculate from his most recent efforts of what is to come. “Anthem,” not associated with any specific album at the moment definitely harks back to his days under the mighty bass-wing of Ingrosso from Swedish House Mafia.

Tuning into “Anthem“, one mantra is repeated over the course of the song: “Why you sittin’ down, you should be dancing, dancing!” Bawdily announcing that “this is the anthem,” there are times when “Anthem” doesn’t feel as anthemic as it should. That is not to say that Alesso is slacking, for “Anthem” indeed makes use of heavy synth melded with a rubber-sounding backbeat that seems to be preparing for a breakdown, but oddly enough, this breakdown never occurs. The bassline skirts the plank of having almost no bassline at all, which gives us a reason that these future EPs might reflect a style going back to his own roots, but creating something more melodic.

What might be confusing for some listeners is that, traditionally anthems are supposed be simple, tribal, and almost easy to remember, and while the lyrics definitely do get stuck in your head after about 20 seconds into the track, there seems to be some kind of missing bass element to the track that makes your foot want to do something, but tap definitely isn’t the word. It is very easy to imagine good folks getting down to this at a festival or club, but the lack of bass in “Anthem” makes the higher frequencies sound a little messy as the track progresses.

The beauty in “Anthem” definitely is reflected in its flaws. That is not to say that people enjoy tracks that only obey normalcy and clean production, but there is an odd element in the song that sounds clean as a whistle, but the grittiness is found very quickly once you expect the track to drop. To say the track does not “drop” as it has been stated throughout the article is misleading, for there are many moments when it indeed flips into that backbeat mentioned above; unfortunately, just like a disappointing trip to your favorite restaurant, the lack of bass in the track really takes away from what really could be a series of interesting drops and composition.

So what do we have to look forward to the EP so far? It is safe to say that the while the bass is almost nonexistent in “Anthem,” it would be extremely out of character for Alesso to have little bass in an entire tracklisting. What we can rejoice, is that there is a chance that the pulsing synths and style reverting to his past might definitely make an appearance.  The world of EDM progresses in production values faster than most genres, so maybe Alesso has a few surprises in store for us to jam to.

Connect With Alesso:  Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: Image SourceMusic Times, Billboard

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Young’n Oscar Making A Splash With Halsey Remix

As most of us millennial and younger are realizing the impact we can have in our own world as well as the one around us (thanks to our heavy cases of helicopter parenting), no rise has been more fascinating than the elusive ‘Oscar.’ In very ordinary terms, Oscar has every right to be as private as we do, especially considering the fact he hasn’t even hit the age of 18. Who is this Oscar you say? Well, Oscar (ex. mononym, like Cher, or Bono) is a kid from Los Angeles that is probably younger than the audience reading this, and is probably making beats way sicker than yours too.

While the above remix of Halsey’s album track off of the deluxe edition of “Badlands” was released two months ago, his track has been gaining traction over social media and YouTube due to the recent success of Halsey’s new single as well. While “Gasoline” probably won’t gain the traction it needs to rocket upwards, Oscar’s remix cements him in the world of EDM by showing his chops off at a pivotal time in his youth. While this praise of his work does not reflect on the other young prodigies making music out there, Oscar sets himself apart from the others by showing a large amount of production growth in such a short time of his career.

Halsey’s “Gasoline” is just one example of his current and more recent work, but all follow en suite with dark sounds, light percussion, and lounge-y instrumentals that refuse to mess with the integrity of the original track. “Hype” is another good example of the direction he ended up going with on the Halsey track, and is a good resource for a touch of his independent works shortly before his internet-discovery. Oscar’s work would definitely not be identified as innovation by the Roger Eberts of the electronic music world, but his ear for music and the growth he has had sonically over the past year since his first release gives us a reason to keep paying attention. While he may not have too many tracks under his belt, stay tuned to his Soundcloud for more surprises along the way!

Connect with Oscar: Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud | Hype Machine

Sources: Image Source

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Phoenix Lights Artist Spotlight on Bakermat: Providing A Medley of Melodies

For Lodewijk Fluttert, AKA Bakermat, things have been on the up-and-up with his upcoming set on April 3rd at Phoenix Lights, but also his Games EP which garnered a good amount of English-speaking success. Already boasting a steady background from his early days and Dutch-made efforts, Bakermat has another trick up his sleeve as he releases “Ballade,” a two track-effort EP showcasing the ballad of the same name that encapsulates a slow and airy ballad, with the sound of singular clock sliding in and out of the end measure, with ambient sounds fading in and out of the track showcasing his ear for a good tune.

It is obvious that the music was not written around the vocals, and shows his determination to stay true to the instrumentals. Gone, the second track off the EP, features a more traditional approach, but none-the-less, has that famous vocal run put in front of the beat. Bakermat has much to be excited about, and so do you for his upcoming set at Phoenix Lights.

Even in his past efforts, Bakermat will take your mind on a coffee-fueled yet sedated journey mixed with Jazz and that cool George Michael-esque sax. “Games Continued” follows this format, and goes back to the roots of 90s house to provide only the best chill-out tunes. What makes Bakermat a draw even though it is historically early in his career, is his attention to mesmerizing ambiance and non-EDM elements that melt perfectly with the addition of strings on some of his tracks.

Bakermat is slowly gaining traction from his powerful live sets while his studio tracks will take you on an ambient journey through musical time and space.  If you plan on going to the April 3rd date of Phoenix Lights, take a breather and check out Bakermat’s set before he gets the hell out of Dodge.

Connect With Bakermat: Facebook | Beatport | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: “Games” EP Article

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Pet Shop Boys 13th Album “Super” To Be Released On April 1st

It was announced through official sources that April 1st would be the release date for thePet Shop Boy’s new album, carrying the title, Super; July 20th to the 23rd will also feature four upcoming performances at the Royal Opera House, located in London. These performances are presumably in promotion of their new album, entitled Inner Sanctumwith the 20th century production wizards already having an extensive catalog to backtrack on. While “West End Girls” from 1986 and 1987’s “It’s A Sin” feature their silky smooth male vocals that have made promiscuous men and women in the clubs for generations. Being especially popular in the U.K. gay community, the duo has transcended their genre to many popstars like Madonna, Dusty Springfield, Boy George, and Robbie Williams. Making a living off of remixing the greats, the Pet Shop Boys have earned their right to become legends in the dance community. Teaming up with producerStuart Price, (who produced one of the critically acclaimed Madonna albums of all time), the PSB released Inner Sanctum, a promo-track for the upcoming album:

Pet Shop Boys – Inner Sanctum (Official Audio)

The track list has also been released in anticipation of the album, with the accompanying trailer found below:

Super Tracklist:
01. Happiness
02. The Pop Kids
03. Twenty-Something
04. Groovy
05. The Dictator Decides
06. Pazzo!
07. Inner Sanctum
08. Undertow
09. Sad Robot World
10. Say It To Me
11. Burn
12. Into Thin Air

Pet Shop Boys – 2016 Launch Video 

Be sure to rush to your nearest CD retailer or online store on April 1st, 2016, and get your copy, and support the two men who helped make dance music what it is today. In the mean time, check out the lead single released from the album, “The Pop Kids:”

Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids (Official Lyric Video)

Connect With Pet Shop Boys: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: Royal Opera House Official Website, Pet Shop Boys Official WebsiteNeil Tennant, Billboard “Super” AnnouncementImage Source

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Come At Me Bro: Bro Safari Releases Limited Time Free Download Of New Track “Snap”

Hey bruh, looking to get trapped in the trap but too lazy to pirate or buy your own music?Bro Safari has your answer; you might recognize this bro from his extensive dedication to touring in the last year, as well as his dedication to only the sickest dark trap beats out there.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Nicholas Weiller has accumulated set after set on his Soundcloud from his travels, as well as his newest track up for download, “Snap.” This new moody track features some heavy snare mixed with quite a bit of industrial sound that come together to make a sick vegetable-medley-style track of trap and hip-hop, with a few odd rough synths making their appearance. Bro Safari has always been adamant about making his track dance-floor ready, and this is no joke (regardless of the pop art adorning the single cover).

While Bro Safari recognizes he has been touring more than recently and recognizes that many of his fans are waiting for new music, Snap should tide you over until he drops his next fire track in the coming months. Friday, the 25th of March is assigned as the commercial release date for “Snap,” so for the next two weeks the track will be free on Soundcloud and Toneden. Catch this track before you have to pay for it, blast this drop at your next kick back to impress your friends, and click this link to get your free track ASAP.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to Wet Electric on April 30th where Bro Safari will be submerging you in the trap alongside 3lau, Wiwek, Destructo, Dada Life, and many more still to be announced!

Connect With Bro Safari: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sources: “Snap” Release PageOfficial Website

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Georgia’s Counterpoint Music Festival Cancelled For 2016

On March 11, 2016, it was revealed on the twitter handle of CounterPoint Music Festival, a Kingston Downs-based music festival located in the state of Georgia that gave the south a slew of artists like Flosstradamus, Griz, Major Lazer, Outkast, Knife Party, andZedd, will not be returning in 2016, with their tweet having a tone of finality. There is no question that the loss of the festival will disappoint many, especially after the loss of Georgia’s TomorrowWorld, which was another outlet for the EDM community in Atlanta.

There are no further updates on of the future of the festival, but it seems fans might have to go elsewhere to find the big names they’ve expected from CounterPoint. Citing on their Facebook page “that we [the organizers] are working on several options concerning the festival’s return,” the lack of updates on its status quo do not seem unfamiliar when a festival disappears from an area.While this will be a disappointment for all festival-goers in Georgia alike, the dedicated hedonists will always find a way to party on.

Sources: Atlanta NewsCounterpoint Music Festival FacebookCounterpoint Music Festival Twitter

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Drezo Drops A Remix of Destructo’s “4 Real” on Soundcloud

Los Angeles-based house DJ Drezo dropped his new remix of Destructo’s “4 Real” on March 15, 2016, which is just as sizzling off the presses as it sounds. With its light opening and plastic percussion, things light up quick when that darkness Drezo is known for bleeds through the track. With any Drezo remix, its pretty average to expect some dark and twisted bass sounds, while retaining a tiny bit of the rap portion from the original. With his career being historically recent, Drezo has built a reputation on creeping synths and dirty drops. Vocals are almost nowhere to be found on this track, minus the short chopped-and-screwed vocals of Ty Dolla $ign, while the same treble-heavy melodic basslines found on “Heaven” and “Guap” prevail on most of his work.

While you may already have tickets, Drezo might be the cure you have been searching for when it comes to disturbingly naughty beats. While Drezo might not be the only DJs in the house, he will be a set that you definitely won’t forget. Be sure to catch Drezo atPhoenix Lights 2016, Day 2 on April 3rd, 2016 and plenty of other hitmakers to drain your brain to.


Connect With Drezo: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

SourcesImage Source

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GAZZO & Sugarwhiskey Party Into Spring with “What You Waitin For”

Upcoming house act GAZZO, responsible for the 2015 single with Kap Slap, “Rewind” (with over 350,000 Soundcloud plays), recently debuted his new single with New York-based Alt. Pop duo, Sugarwhiskey, on March 11, 2016. Entitled “What You Waiting For,” the sizzling new banger not only highlights the new alternative pop act mentioned above, but displays his recently overlooked talent as a season instrumentalist. Combining his cool European-influenced synth drops paired up with a pop guitar riff, the track is slowly built upon with both organic and inorganic sounds ranging from electric guitars, with multiple melodies combining together underneath the cool-summer vocals of Allie Crystal and Larzz Principato.


While GAZZO has had the chops to remix the likes of Fallout Boy, Big Sean, and Ellie Goulding, “What You Waiting For” reminds fans that he has no future plans of abandoning his electronic roots. The New Jersey based virtuoso is doing things right by showing his chops as a respected musician, but also keeping to his knowledge of good production and sick sounds. With spring in effect and the Arizona heat quickly approaching, take this track for a spin on the Salt River while you down one of your favorite brews.

Connect With GAZZO: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Sugarwhiskey:  Facebook | Twitter

Sources: GAZZO Official WebsiteImage Source

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Delta Heavy to Release First Full Length Album on March 18

Delta Heavy, the British electronic duo have certainly been the opposite of quiet in recent years. While they have released “Down the Rabbit Hole” and “Apollo” as extended plays, March 18th, 2016 will see the glorious debut of “Paradise Lost,” their much anticipated full-length freshman album that is finally seeing the light of day. Two tracks from the future album have already gained notoriety in the form of music videos. “Ghost” and “Punish My Love” feature psychedelic and simple animation in typical EDM-music video fashion, and have even been nominated for a few awards in Vevo’s Year in Music.

Delta Heavy – Ghost

Paradise Lost will feature an organic and seamless composition that will be the long-listening release Delta Heavy fans have been waiting for. The tracklist to the album has also been released, which features fourteen new tracks in their musical journey: 

  1. Paradise Lost
  2. Event Horizon
  3. City of Dreams
  4. White Flag
  5. Punish My Love
  6. Limbo
  7. Pathways
  8. Tremors
  9. Conquer The Galaxy
  10. Oscillator
  11. Ascending
  12. Reborn
  13. Cut Me
  14. Ghost


Be sure to aurally absorb their entire album on the 18th of March; and while there hasn’t been any reports of Arizona tour dates, be sure to catch Delta Heavy on the road as they take their tour to the following North American cities in promotion of their soon-to-be-released new album:

3/11 – New York, USA

3/12 – Toronto, CA

3/15 – Miami, USA

3/17 – Miami, USA

3/18 – Calgary, CA

3/19 – Beyond Wonderland, San Bernardino, USA

3/22 – Las Vegas, USA

3/23 – Seattle, USA

3/24 – San Francisco, USA

3/26 – Vancouver, CA

Connect with Delta Heavy: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

SourcesYear In VevoDelta Heavy Official WebsiteRAM Records

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Go Dutch with Firebeatz at the Talking Stick Resort on April 16th!

Tim Benjamin Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar, otherwise known as the Dutch beatmakers Firebeatz, will be taking names like the census on April 16th, 2016 as they market their brand of Dutch House onto the Arizona masses at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. Firebeatz is an original Dutch duo who formed in 2008, delivering intense drops, fast riffs, and sonic tambourines that will make your ears explode if you get too close. Working with mainstream artists like Timbaland, Snoop Dogg, and Tiesto, this duo wants to let you know that they can drop a hot beat in some dirty warehouse while still appealing to a larger demographic. Give Firebeatz your best Arizona welcome when they turn up with the locals in total pool-party setting with booze flowing and hopefully no one peeing in the pool. Poor hygienic habits aside, what’s stopping you from showing up at this point? Listen to the original mix of Bazooka below and get a taste:

Firebeatz – Bazooka (Original Mix)

Let’s hope these convulsing beats and pulsing synths will give you enough drive to go out there and party with these new rising ‘Dutch Bros.’ The original mix of Bazooka gives a heavy bass undertone to erratic shuffling beats that might make you and others around you catch whatever disease is spreading around the EU at the moment. While Firebeatz has been around since 2008 and gaining airplay on Dutch Radio stations, this pool party will be your most authentic experience for EDM, fresh from across the pond. As with many artists who are still in development, Firebeatz has no available albums or mixtapes released for purchase or listening, but check out one of their newer licks below with Jay Hardway released in December to get a good feel about what to expect when their ship lands:

Firebeatz & Jay Hardway – Home (Official Music Video)

Get tickets for Firebeatz fast,  get your swimsuit ready, and for everyone’s sake, take a shower before you take a dip on April 16th, 2016 at the Talking Stick Resort, in Scottsdale, AZ. Liquor will be plentiful, cover will be free for ladies the entire day, and lets get dirty and doubledutch  when Firebeatz takes the stage!

Connect with Firebeatz: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud | Beatport

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Where in the World is Bella Sarris?

Skirting her Soundcloud with only a few tracks and both of live sets, pacific-region Aussie DJ Bella Sarris is invading odd and out-of-the-way venues of the globe at a paced rate. While the name might not strike you as familiar to both American and European “EDM-lite” audiences, this peculiar spinner is touring with no direction in mind. While touring to the likes of Ibiza, Israel, Chile, and Argentina are not an odd mix for a popular DJ, Bella Sarris is coming from a reversed approach: coming from Sydney, Australia, Bella Sarris has actually not made an immense impact on her home region, but has flogged herself and her brand to the likes of Ireland, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Austria, Tunisia, the U.K., the United States, and many more. She does indeed go back to her homeland for shows, but…

While she is indeed putting herself out there as a DJ and also a brand to gain popularity in her field, one might ask, “what is the genre of this up and coming DJ?” Interestingly enough, a little downhome Google research displays her official website / account describing her style as “house.” While many individuals have no problem labeling a DJ or artist “house,” it can signify itself as an umbrella term as well. Just like we can call things “rock,” we all know from Wikipedia pages like this that a large genre with many subgenres underneath it can make the lines of “what it is, and what it isn’t” quite blurred.

Looking at the Soundcloud account of Ms. Sarris, it’s no surprise that most of her tracks are indeed full sets from shows she has already played. An artist who makes their living off of live gigs and presents themselves to their audience the old-fashioned way will definitely have some live feed or souvenir studio tracks that end up getting posted on their account the next night. One of the songs spotlit by her page was a track titled “Part of the Wave (full set).” While it can be enjoyed for its dark sounds and ambient, chill bassline, it is definitely not representative of the sporadic career of Bella Sarris, as you might perceive it. Upon listening to “Part of the Wave,” one might assume this relatively fresh face from Sydney to go more the lounge-y ambient direction. In progressing through her playlist, top to bottom, her live sets turn out to be even more diverse than the set under the spotlight.

“Live at Sonus 2015,” the next one from the top of her page starts out with a similar synth and bass trends as before, but as the track slowly progresses, we see the dark mind of the artist we are engaging with. Around the 10-minute mark, the track slowly descends into a cymbal-infused beat mixed with a smoky club vibe that morphs into some drug-fueled club-stomp and doesn’t want you to stop jamming to it either. What makes going down her Soundcloud account so interesting is the fact that her work has been released sporadically on the Internet since the year of 2010. Historically speaking, her career is quite young compared to her peers, but her tactic for gaining support remains uncanny. Choosing fans from some of the more smaller or obscure markets in the business not only shows her goals are refusing to be purely economic, but also her brand is a representation of something that doesn’t exist.

Going through her Twitter and Facebook, you will see that Bella Sarris has no shortage of loving comments, and she makes no secret of being accessible through social media. Going through her official website, and the Internet itself, you almost find no trace of anything outside her website. While you will find press pieces, there is no elaborate official website made by a marketing company, no long biography of how she shits out gold, and a picture of her latest single; simplicity and transparency are the true markers of who Bella Sarris is. The face behind a unique set of dark club bangers and chill strums that could be played at a Mill Ave bar, or even the Starbucks down the street gives a true musical face with no bells or whistles. Using a simple name, with most of her press photos resembling a class 1960s album cover that only displayed the artist’s face. The simplicity of the persona she puts out to her fanbase is not so much of apathy to her own brand, but to speak through her music in a way when you couldn’t always know in the first five seconds of hearing a song what the artist looked like. In a way, it does work for her. So in spirit of pop culture references, where the hell in the world is Bella Sarris?

Bella Sarris is making herself global, and you can’t stop her. While she hasn’t gotten an extreme amount of Western coverage, keep on the lookout for this Sydney native whenever you’re looking for some dark house beats. Also check out her tour dates within her official website below if you find yourself across the pond, or in the likes of New York or Miami, which seem to be her main North American haunts. 

Connect with Bella Sarris: Official Website | Soundcloud | Twitter

Sources: Bella Sarris Official WebsiteMuseum of PlayMadonna Wikipedia pageSkiddle News

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100 Reasons to Live: Gareth Emery’s Upcoming 4th Album

Right on the heels of Gareth Emery‘s single release, Emery will be making his debut fourth album, 100 Reasons To Live, on April 1st, 2016, Gareth Emery is most popularly known for focusing on melodic structure, and his knack for providing a hearty mixture of progressive, trance, and house. Adding to his growing catalog of three albums, 100 Reasons To Live was revealed on February 19th, 2016. Providing his trademark attention to melody, hipster U.K. songstress Wayward Daughter teams up with Gareth to drop his fresh new single, “Reckless”. The “Reckless” music video released on February 19th provides outstanding visuals and organic cinematography as we see a very optically intense narrative unfold before us. Not to mention it was filmed in that country that’s not Australia — New Zealand. To get the full-on experience, put in a pair of your favorite headphones and tune in below:

Gareth Emery feat. Wayward Daughter – Reckless

Along with the impending tour beginning April 9th, the track listing for his upcoming album, which was released in its entirety on the following website, can be seen here:

100 Reasons to Live tracklist:

  1. The Story So Far
  2. Cloudline Featuring Joseph
  3. Far From Home Featuring Gavrielle
  4. Reckless Featuring Wayward Daughter
  5. We Were Young Featuring Alex and Sierra
  6. CVNT5 Featuring Ashley Wallbridge
  7. Make It Happen Featuring Lawson
  8. Hands with Alastor Featuring London Thor
  9. Lost Featuring Janet Devlin
  10. Save Me Featuring Christina Novelli
  11. Until We Meet Again Featuring Ben Gold
  12. I Could Be Stronger (But Only For You) Featuring Corey Sanders
  13. Sansa
  14. Cruiser Feat. Alex Sonata


As mentioned, his tour will begin in Washington, D.C. and currently conclude April 22nd in Minneapolis. Sorry to say, Arizonans, but there currently isn’t any gig scheduled so far in Arizona, but dates could also be tentative; Tour dates can be found here.  If you can’t make it to one of his shows, check out his tunes and information on his upcoming 2016 release below:

Connect With Gareth Emery: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Official Website

Sources: Gareth Emery Official Website

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Holy Shiba San, Batman: Eclectic French DJ Playing Set at Shady Park in Tempe

Looking for a new DJ to lose your marbles to next time you’re chugging that plastic handle of God knows what? Look no further, valley denizens – Shiba San will be making doing a special set at the semi-new eatery known as Shady Park. Shady Park is slowly becoming a joint known for not only its pizza, but its eclectic environment. This has not only caught the eye of ASU students, but also Tempe locals who appreciate its attention to detail and preserving the culture that downtown Tempe has amassed over the last decade. Shady Park not only features pizza and a “beer garden,” but good vibes and live music so you can chill with only your most potent alcoholic beverage and show your friends (and Shiba San) what you mean when you say “I’m fun, guys, and not like all those other girls!”

Jokes aside, “why should I listen to Shiba San,” you ask? Shiba San, while one of the more low-key DJs playing in the Tempe area, has swept up the EDM scene since 2014 and 2015, going into this year with more than enough riffs in his arsenal to keep the bass pumping and your ear-drums vibrating. In 2014, Shiba dropped “I Like Your Booty,” with that classic 2006 “hand-clap” production element that will bring millennials back a few years and remind them a little of what hip-hop used to mean in the early 00s. Don’t mistake his style, for while you may hear some 00s hip-hop elements in the back, Shiba makes an effort to put strong cymbal and bass riffs that will stay embroiled in your brain and will definitely help you remember specific licks that you can look up on your own time later.

Shiba San – Burn Like Fire

“Burns Like Fire,” one of his more recent drops, is a testament to the traditional EDM trend of repeat-phrasing and familiar bass trends that have been around since the late 90s house scene. While Shiba San definitely has his own trademark sounds, his usual sets consist of tunes that you can either drop at your latest bumping house party, or chill out with a nice Wine Wednesday over at your bud’s place. To make it clear, Shiba definitely wants you to be comfortable playing his tunes anywhere you go, no matter how many people appreciate the booty at any specific time.

As you can tell, Shiba San is definitely the ambiguous and mysterious French DJ you should start incorporating in your 2016 workout (or mental breakdown) playlist (depending on what kind of vibes life has been throwing at you that day). Come turn up on February 26th, 2016; Doors open at 9 PM, 21+ event, at the Shady Park in Tempe, Arizona. Beer will be flowing and beats will be pulsating!

Connect with Shiba San: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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