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Cowboys Riding into the Sunset: Post-Season Thoughts


As the Dallas Cowboys face the reality of their lost season after the injuries suffered by Dallas QB Tony Romo, the advice that most have for the Dallas team are nothing but the obvious; Even Romo himself had  little to say about his own season, according to the official Dallas Cowboys news department. In the article, Romo relies on his good faith that the next season will be even better, and hopefully making sure the next will not be a repeat of the last. With an originally promising season, the Dallas Cowboys have not joined the gods at the Pantheon of the Superbowl, but instead the load that Romo had left, was escorted to poor Matt Cassel, replacement QB, who is rumored by CBS Sports Fantasy that his return in 2016 will be more than unlikely.

If Tony Romo feels up to the challenge that he has promised fans, the Cowboys’ next season will not be as much of a letdown as their current state of affairs. What we can only say is that the struggle of affairs on terms of replacement QB will have to be entirely rethought in the next season, for, due to Tony Romo’s history of injuries, and these injuries that cost the Dallas Cowboys a season from a fan’s perspective will force the Dallas home-team to regroup their backup-QB leadership, and have a steady replacement just in case Romo will suffer another injury due to overwork or otherwise. As we speak, the “draft a QB” gate is in full effect as the team might look for competition to rival backup QB Kellen Moore through classic free agency. In a way to reform the team by giving it strong leadership outside of the leadership that Romo has given to them when he was in play, both Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore failed to carry the load on their backs that was given to them, and in result, left a truly promising season short. Bringing in fresh blood in the next draft season will hopefully round out the team and give it the “it” factor that the Dallas Cowboys quite possible threw away last season. The departure of Tony Romo should not be the end of the world for the Cowboys if this common occurrence happens again, but the leadership of Tony Romo has become trademark to the essential essence that has made the team what it has for the duration of his stay.

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Originally published on 01/26/16 for the Texas Sports Review


Tony Romo’s Day Out


The Dallas Cowboys have overall, had a higher time possession than opponents, and being fourth place in the NFC East, their game against the Carolina Panthers was hindered starting with their first play. Tony Romo threw three interceptions in the first half; the outlook became even darker along the span of the game with only six seconds left in the third quarter, when he suffered a collar bone injury by Thomas Davis of the Carolina Panthers (and will be predicted to be out for the rest of the season).  One cannot forget that the franchise signed Romo into a six year 108 million dollar deal in which he received 50 million dollars up front. This would cement the deal between the franchise, and Romo, especially guaranteeing their investment.

As the defending NFC East champions, their investment shows hints of risk with Tony Romo’s history of injuries. The interceptions made by Panthers players #20 Kurt Coleman and #59 Luke Kuechley shifted the game into the hands of the foe and reflected the lack of cohesion in the home team, while in Cam Newton’s offense which he rushed for Carolina’s only offensive touchdown. These actions put Carolina 11-0 and put them on a 15, regular season game winning streak. While the Cowboys have had good improvisation skills with Tony Romo as the head, they have yet to be able to hold their own recently.

The NFC East can still be won, but the future visage of the Dallas Cowboys’ outcome is ambiguous, and possibly grim. One could argue that the large investment into getting Tony Romo on their team was wasted by injuries, but naysayers must remember that investments are something not short term, but produces results over a longer period of time. Tony Romo over his career has shown promise in his ability to make a team productive like clockwork, but a team must have enough ‘moxy’ in itself to stay afloat without a star player. Tony Romo must also grow with the team, as any good leader must display over time. The loss of Tony Romo means that the Dallas Cowboys will need to prove their worth after the body of their team lost one of their more important limbs. Although the light at the end of the tunnel has become a bit dimmer in recent times, they will have a few more chances to prove their glory, under the guise of new QB, Matt Cassel. If Matt Cassel possesses the ability to bring the team together, the Dallas Cowboys will have a fighting chance moving into the rest of the season.

Originally published on 9/28/15 for the Texas Sports Review