Last edition of B-Side Weekly: 08/27/16

RIP B-Side Weekly: 03/03/16 to 08/27/16

Thank you for all the readership that took the time to read my very first, self-penned column on Relentless Beats. I want to thank my fantastic editor, Dylan, for letting me express my heart a little bit more than usual on one of my introductory efforts to the world of journalism. Although the views were not huge, I am glad that some of you took the time to read my meta-jokes, obscure tracks, and everything you could find in your mother’s basement. Although it has been over a week since the date of my last publication, I thought it would be necessary to give it a proper burial.

Although it was not planned as the last article, check out the penultimate edition of B-Side Weekly which focuses on one of my favorite TV shows in television, BoJack Horseman.¬†¬†Although I indeed kept it “lite,” there have been very few shows which have captured the true states of depression and failing mental health. This show holds a deep place in my heart, and I sincerely hope you enjoy my article as well.

Thanks for the ride, boys —





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It’s about time!

I apologize for anyone who happened to see this page unfinished. I have finally transferred my entire journalistic portfolio to this WordPress page. Inside the tabs, all articles are organized by category and genre, most recent articles at the top, older at the bottom. A link to the original article and publication can be found at the bottom of each article.

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